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Clay Paky launched for the first time at Plasa 2007 three compact moving body projectors for professional use designed with the outstanding features of the whole Alpha Series: the Alpha Spot HPE 300 and Alpha Spot 300 effect projectors, and the Alpha Wash 300 washlight.

“After a few hours of display to specialized operators we had already acquired some significant orders” – said Emilio Cornelli, sales manager for the UK market. “These new 300 Watt models are superior to all competitors in the same power category for brightness, graphic variety, optical system and performance, often also allowing them to be used professionally in place of larger sized projectors”

Unmatched in performance, adopting an innovative Philips MSR Gold 300 FastFit lamp, these projectors are of limited size and weight making their installation and use ideal in highly professional environments, with considerable reductions in investment and operational costs.

All these features make the “Alpha 300” excellent for every sector – from the Theatre to Television, from Corporate Events to Clubs, for large and for small Rental Companies.

The 1200W jewels in the crown of the Alpha family were also present at Plasa 2007. In particular, general admiration was aroused by the Alpha Profile 1200, the only professional shaper present on the market able to offer such a precise, varied and qualitatively superior framing system (certain triangular and quadrangular profiles, or the “total curtain effect”, cannot be reproduced by any other shaper on the market). The Alpha Profile 1200 demo-show, continuously projected inside the Clay Paky stand, is also available as a DVD!!