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Clay Paky presented itself at the Pro Light + Sound in Frankfurt with the jewels in its crown: Alpha Profile 1200, Alpha Spot HPE 1200, Alpha Wash 1200 and Alpha Wash Halo 1200, the products at the top of the Alpha line and all put on the market between last year and this.

The company profile’s image is also new: a “Knight of Illumination” grasping a brilliant sword, the personification of the Lighting Designer who now disposes of a line of powerful and brilliant products, to express his/her creativity to the full.

Great interest was aroused by Alpha Profile 1200, the professional moving body shaper that uses an exclusive framing system, designed and patented by Clay Paky. This system works with 4 blades independent from each other, with a soft movement and speed adjustable at will from the control unit. Among the exclusive effects we find the “Total Curtain” with a single blade, in numerous shapes and sizes and triangular and rectangular shapes of various proportions and sizes. The whole system can rotate through an angle of 90° at adjustable speed.

Within the shaped profiles, Alpha Profile 1200 allows colors, graphic elements and high quality pictures to be projected thanks to a total color system (CMY Color Mixing + linear CTO + 7-color Wheel), 14 “special” gobos (of which 6 rotating) – carefully and exclusively chosen for this projector, the animation effect with variable rotation, the rotating prism and the frosts. The optical group with a very high light output and the 10°-30° linear electronic zoom complete the characteristics of this exceptional product.

Alpha Spot HPE 1200 is equipped with a 10°-40° zoom, a 20-gobo graphic system (of which 12 rotating), animation disc, rotating prisms, frost and total color system (CMY Color Mixing, linear CTO and 7-color Wheel). Launched on the market about a year ago, it was chosen and appreciated by LDs all over the world for many shows of major international significance.

We only mention the 110 Alpha Spot HPE 1200s used at the Khalifa Stadium in Doha for the phantasmagorical opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games, the 180 used for the spectacular Ben Hur at the Stade de France in Paris and the numerous ones used for the Oral Fixation Tour of Shakira, the Slayer’s Tour, Disney on Ice, the Bolshoi Theatre and very many other applications in the professional and architectural areas.

Alpha Wash 1200 is the Alpha model at the top of the washlight category, with a much greater light output compared to the best washlights present on the market. It offers a controlled and uniform beam throughout its aperture range, with a 6° – 55° Zoom. Its ample zoom range and surprising brilliance, even at maximum aperture, allow it to be used at short, medium and long range in all sectors of lighting.

Another basic aspect of the Wash 1200, that has aroused great interest, is the color quality: the chromatic precision of its Color Mixing, in faithfully reproducing every colour requested, allows the required colors to be produced throughout the rig.

The indexed ovaliser constitutes a significant plus because it is not present in many of its competitors but, above all, because it optimises the light inside the stages with special configurations (theatre sets, wide and low stages, backdrops, etc.), with a max. aperture of 70° and very limited light loss.

Alpha Wash Halo 1200 is the latest arrival at Clay Paky: it is a washlight that combines properties of great brilliance with the versatility of a halogen lamp of 1200W, 80V (3300 K), unique for any power supply voltage requested.

It offers 14°-16° linear zoom, CMY color mixing, linear frost, electronic dimmer, indexed ovaliser and motorised Top Hat. It is aimed at the more professional lighting sectors and is designed to simultaneously exploit a high quality projector and the typical advantages of the halogen lamp: light uniformity, warm colour tones and gradual dimming.