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Report: Clay Paky at PLASA 2012

Besides being one of the main PLASA sponsors, Clay Paky organized several activities at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, which played host to the historic London show for the last time. Clay Paky set up its main stand, overlooking the busy PLASA area and Innovation Gallery in the heart of the exhibition centre, in partnership with Ambersphere Solutions, the sole distributor of Clay Paky and MA Lighting products in the UK. The stand provided an overview of all Clay Paky’s new products: the A.Ledas, the Series 800 Profile and QWO lights, and the GlowUp Strip 100 LED bars.

More than forty new product demos took place on the various exhibition days, accompanied by an impressive light show. They were held in Clay Paky’s magnificent demo room, where a spectacular rig was set up, comparable to those used at the best live concerts. The numerous visitors from the United Kingdom and several other countries were received in a comfortable lounge to watch a light show put together by Marco Zucchinali, Clay Paky’s lighting designer. Marco said that it took several days of design and planning, both in Clay Paky and on site, to create a show that exploited the infinite graphic effects possible using the A.Ledas’ pixel mapping.

As occurred at ProLight+Sound, Clay Paky TV was the “live” voice from PLASA in London. Every day the crew gathered interesting interviews with leading figures in the business, and recorded regular updates at the various stands in the exhibition hall. One of the films not to be missed is the new Clay Paky product light show, in which a large number of A.Ledas stand out. There is also a very interesting interview with Gil Densham, Chairman and CEO of the CAST Group of Companies, which received the Gold Innovation Award for its revolutionary BlackTrax.

At the end of the show, the name of one of the visitors was drawn out of a hat. The lucky winner received one of the six historic “Union Jack” Sharpys, customized with the colours of the British flag, which was used for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year. The souvenir light bears the original signature of Durham Marenghi, official lighting designer for the event. The winner was announced in the Clay Paky demo room: Jacek Pancierzeński, manager of the Polish company GIG. He was not at the show at the time, but when Durham Marenghi reached him by phone, he said he was thrilled to win “a piece of history.” The announcement of the winner was recorded by the ClayPakyTV crew:

The fifth Knight of Illumination Awards saw a record 400+ people take part, gathered together in the beautiful setting of the Battersea Park Events Arena. The awards are organized by ALD, STLD and Clay Paky in order to give public recognition to the best lighting designs in British productions. You can find a detailed report of the event, with pictures and videos, on the official website:



The A.LEDA range of LED fixtures exhibited at PLASA was launched for the first time at ProLight+Sound in Frankfurt. The range consists of the A.Leda Wash K5 (150 W, 3,500 lm, 12° beam angle), A.Leda Wash K10 (350 W, 9,000 lm, 14° – 70° linear zoom) and A.Leda Wash K20 (600 W, 18,000 lm, 14° -70° linear zoom). All models feature a library of preset graphic effects (which the operator may customize as required), linear electronic dimmer, stop/strobe effect and a dedicated channel for setting colour temperature. Each LED can be controlled dynamically and individually

The Alpha Profile 800 ST is the most modern beam shaper in existence today for use in theatres and TV studios. Clay Paky has designed sophisticated micromechanical mechanisms to create a compact, lightweight, quiet and extremely bright light, with a zoom capable of producing an exceptionally “sharp” uniform beam. Exclusive features: miniaturized four-blade framing system, 11°-55°  linear zoom with additional 7.6° beam angle, exclusive autofocus system, Dyna-Cue-Creator function, 6000 K light beam, and top-of-the-class operating silence (42 dBA).

GlowUp Strip 100 is a professional LED bar with mixed battery and mains power supply and combined wireless and cable control. Ten powerful RGBW multichip LEDs have been incorporated into a strong 100 cm long aluminium bar suitable for outdoor use (IP65). The strip creates a curtain of colored light with a controllable beam angle of between 14° and 70°. The original “white power saving” function helps optimize power consumption.