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Lighting Designer
Naldo Bueno
MR Light
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Carnival in Rio de Janiero Brasil is one of the most extravagant celebrations of the year, complete with parades, dancing and loads of dazzle. The newest Clay Paky fixture, the Alpha Beam 1500 was included in the recent 2009 gala, helping make the festivities some of the most memorable to date.

Lighting Designer Naldo Bueno from Oficina de Luz ( designed a parade route sculpted with the Alpha Beam 1500 fixtures, creating a skyline effect. Lighting equipment was supplied by MR Light (, the exclusive distributor of Clay Paky products in Brasil.

Renan Mendez, Commercial Director for MR Light commented, “Every year for Carnival, we have problems with the power of the common moving lights, because in the Apoteose, where the parade takes place, there are more than 1200 lux of illumination in order to guarantee good video TV reception. Alpha Beam 1500 surprised us all with its light output and speed movements. The beam effect could be seen perfectly along the entire parade course!”

Robson “Pirata” Technical and Service Manager for MR Light said, “Alpha Beam is a product with a fantastic light output, many good effects and very efficient CMY on a beam moving light. In the future, for me it will be very difficult to think about the lighting of the Carnival parade – as well as other projects which require a lot of illumination such as TV programs, DVD live recording, etc. – without the Alpha Beam 1500.” Pirata was also Lighting Designer for the Moulin Rouge float during Carnival 2009.

MR Light is one of the leading distributors in Brasil of professional lighting equipment for theatres, live events, television studios, and architectural installations. In early 2009, MR Light and Clay Paky entered a partnership for the exclusive distribution of Clay Paky products in Brasil.

Francesco Romagnoli, Clay Paky GM for North and Latin America said, “We feel sure of a successful future with MR Light, as they have proven to be a key player in the emerging market in Brasil and beyond. They were eager to take on the Alpha Beam line, as a winning and innovative product, conceived to complete one of the widest professional moving head lines in the world. Alpha Beams have been featured in leading events around the world including Tina Turner’s tour, AC/DC tour and Classical Spectacular at Royal Albert Hall. We feel confident that Brasil will see more of this product in big shows to come.”

Romagnoli said of the partnership between Clay Paky and MR Light, “MR Light’s reputation and enthusiasm won us over and will play an important role in our success together. I am convinced we will have a bright future together.”