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Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté shines with Clay Paky
Lighting Designer
Tino Schätzler
SLD – Sound Light Design
Photo Credits
Zakary Belamy
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In 1976 Bernhard Paul founded Circus Roncalli, a success story that in 1997 was followed up by Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté in Düsseldorf. After many critically acclaimed performances, work began to modernise the lighting system, which is now obsolete.

The lighting manager, Tino Schätzler, together with his team, chose, amongst others, the 8 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 300, 2 Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700, and 1 grandMA 2 light.

“For the choice of the material we arranged an in-depth consulting meeting with Lightpower“, said Schätzler. “At this meeting we had a chance to get to know and test the various pieces of equipment. This helped us a lot to find the best possible technology for our theatre.”

Schätzler continues: “The basic idea was to replace the by now obsolete lamps, to modernize the equipment, and also achieve better quality of lighting for our projects and our productions. The new pieces of equipment were combined with the existing traditional lighting.”

“Ours is a theatre building, but we also took into account that the choice of lights would need to be suitable for future productions” , continued Schätzler. “It means that there is never only one defined project or show happening. So the equipment had to be flexible and compatible with different functions and applications, in order to manage the various productions with high quality”.

Tino Schätzler also works as a programmer and operator with the coaching of Marvin Feldmann. The lights were supplied by Lightpower working in collaboration with SLD – Sound Light Design.