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Lighting Designer
Enzo D’Amato, Nuno Santos
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The Sanctuary of Fatima is a religious site that attracts a multitude of pilgrims from the entire Catholic world every year and, thanks to its history and religious value, the City of Fatima has become a tourist centre of great importance in the heart of Portugal.

The Great Crib of the Nativity of the Sanctuary of Fatima, built in the square facing the famous shrine and next to the Chapel of Adoration, has today one more reason for its attraction: a luminous and coloured piece of architecture that reveals its sacred aspect.

The following have been used for the lighting system: 1 CP Color 575 and 2 CP Color 150 E, two projectors with IP65 protection level, namely able to withstand water and bad weather conditions. These colour changers discreetly light the Crib, using sober and carefully adjusted colours in order to enhance the structure without causing anydisruption. The colour tones follow each other slowly, almost seeming part of the life that takes shape in the Crib of the Nativity. This is permanent lighting that functions on every day of the year at dusk.

The Great Crib of Fatima lighting project is the work of Enzo D’Amato and Nuno Santos and managed by Avitel of Lisbon, distributor of the Clay Paky brand in Portugal.