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Light seminar in Mexico
Lighting Designer
Luc Lafortune

In May this year Clay Paky and Vector 10 (the Clay Paky distributor for Mexico) organised a professional lighting seminar in Cancun whose climax was the extraordinary participation of LD Luc Lafortune. This was the second major happening after the one organised two years ago in Mexico City, also thanks to the partnership between the Italian and Mexican companies.

The seminar took place over two days and hosted over 100 between Lighting Designers, light operators and company Managers, coming from Rental Companies, TV, Theatres, Clubs and many other sectors of architectural lighting and entertainment: an exceptional event for a country like Mexico, that shows a strong interest in these professional sectors.

All the operators in the sector unanimously recognised the determining role played by Clay Paky and Vector 10 in spreading light culture in Mexico in the last few years. The immense attention and enthusiasm of the two companies has been repaid by participation in numerous projects of great importance throughout the country: the Azteca TV studios, the tours of Gustavo Ceratti, Intocable, Temerarios, Lucero, Marco Solis, Thalia, Teleton and Vive Latino, the Balak, Barbazul, Roots, Kuro’s, Histeria and Los Angeles clubs, as well as the Yucatan Jazz Festival, the Monterrey Casino, the Aldama Theatre, the Premios Las Lunas, etc. Clay Paky is spoken everywhere in Mexico!

To confirm all this, the event was hosted by the City Cancun Discotheque, one of the most innovative and technological clubs in the world, equipped with a spectacular Clay Paky system comprising 342 projectors. The Vice President Kurt Jansen acted as host, introducing all the guests and making some of his club’s technologies available, such as a motorised podium that descends from the ceiling and brings the evening’s protagonists on stage. The organisation of the event, studied in all its minutest details (including professional video recordings of the whole conference and the distribution of numerous gadgets), was the total responsibility of Clay Paky and Vector 10, who housed the participants in the luxurious Mortero Krystal Hotel.

During the two days Francesco Romagnoli (Clay Paky Sales Manager for the Americas) and Jorge Aguirre (President of Vector 10) illustrated the trends of the Mexican market, whose sectors have been in constant growth for several years: from the discotheque to touring to TV and the architectural sector. Giovanni Zucchinali (Clay Paky America Technical Support Manager) illustrated the latest novelties from Clay Paky, the ALPHA family in particular, through a demo conducted literally with a glance “inside the projector”.

There were various illustrious presentations on the first day: Engineer Alfonso Valadez spoke of his projects in the architectural sector, paying particular attention to the “Liverpool” department stores, which have benefited from the use of Display Line and Colorvawe 300 products.

Alexander David, owner of Teletec, illustrated the idea and design path that led to the development of the internal light-audio-video arrangements in City Cancun.

The second day was almost entirely dedicated to the seminar by Luc Lafortune, universally recognised as a guru of Lighting Design and famous for his creative contribution in numerous productions of considerable international significance in all sectors of professional lighting.

Perhaps the artistic experience that made him most famous was the Cirque du Soleil, for which Luc Lafortune looked after the light design, always relying on Clay Paky projectors, including for the latest spectacle, “KA’”. Lafortune makes no mystery about preferring Clay Paky products to any other projector for their reliability, projection quality and optical precision and for the support service offered by the Italian company.

During the seminar Luc Lafortune illustrated the techniques and technologies of professional lighting, making full use of his very vast experience in the field. At the end of the two days all the guests took their leave with the confirmation that, in Clay Paky and Vector 10, they have found a precious reference point for the diffusion of the culture of light in their Country.

Event: Clay Paky Seminar
Place: Cancun, at the City Cancun discotheque
Date: May 2005
– Clay Paky S.p.A. (Mr. Francesco Romagnoli)
– Vector 10, S.A. de CV. (Mr. Jorge Aguirre)
Presentations by: Luc La fortune, Alfonso Valadez, Alexander David.
Lighting: Clay Paky projectors