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Showtec Singapore Invests in Claypaky’s Latest Fixtures
Showtec Singapore
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Singapore –
Lighting solutions expert Showtec has made a major investment in Claypaky Scenius Unico and Mythos 2 fixtures to serve its extensive South East Asia markets.

The company, which provides industry-leading lighting to entertainment, corporate and exhibition events, now has 100 Scenius Unico and 50 Mythos 2 in stock. It is based in its Singapore HQ and has regional offices in Malaysia, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand.

Showtec’s Director of Sales, Vincent Tan, says: “We are always looking to invest in the most innovative products on the market and Claypaky is ahead of the curve, producing world-class quality fixtures with distinctive features that are exciting for our market.

“The South East Asia live entertainment and events scene is growing rapidly and there is a hunger for the latest technology to achieve stunning and dynamic effects. That’s why we invested in so many Scenius Unico and Mythos 2 fixtures.

“The Scenius Unico is a fantastic multifunctional light – the fact that it can be used as both an excellent wash and a powerful spotlight makes it perfect for so many applications and therefore a wide range of clients.”

Both the Mythos 2 and Scenius Unico have a large electronic zoom range, 4-50˚ on the Mythos 2 and 5-55˚ on the Scenius Unico. In addition, the Mythos2 also has a fixed ‘pipe beam’ mode of 2.5˚. Both fixtures feature cutting-edge CMY colour systems. The Mythos 2 offers 14 colour filters on three wheels alongside two CTO filters, while the Scenius Unico has a wheel with seven colour filters, and linear CTO.

“We work closely with many lighting designers and we listen to what they want in terms of new kit,” Tan continues. “We are confident that our Claypaky investment will fulfil their requirements. In fact, a large number of both the Scenius Unico and the Mythos 2 went out almost immediately on [Cantopop superstars] Alan Tam & Sam Hui’s ‘Happy Together Classic Express’ world tour, which kicked off in Singapore.

“We’re excited about seeing them go out on many more large-scale concerts and events in the coming months.”