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From the 4th to the 6th November 2001, over a hundred businessmen and important guests animated the SILB (Italian Union of Dance Halls) Conference.
These three days saw the usual mix of necessary conflict and conviviality.

Clay Paky, one of the conference sponsors, was able to demonstrate how varied and innovative its lighting applications can be: lighting not only in the traditional sense, but also for architecture, to make facades glow, to enhance buildings or antique monuments, or to present and communicate.

Charleston Restaurant

This company from Bergamo played a leading role at the magnificent Charleston Restaurant in Mondello (PA), set in an Art Nouveau building dating back to the early 20th century.

Clay Paky, which was also awarded the prestigious “Sergio Valentini” prize that evening, took part with its Stage Zoom 1200 and CP Color 400, illuminating the building facade with a wealth of effects and colours.

In the rooms and on the large terrace, built “on stilts” over the sea, the Mini Scan HPE and Stage Light 300 created a variety of effects, like evocative beams of coloured light that glinted on the water.

The Display Line V.I.P. DIA projected the sponsor logos (Clay Paky, Martini, Bacardi and Peroni) as well as the SILB logo both on the facade and in the restaurant hall.

Astoria Palace Hotel

Astoria Palace Hotel, situated in the centre of Palermo, was one of the two locations for the conference, along with Palazzo dei Normanni.

Clay Paky supplied a few Display Line projectors to illuminate the conference hall, the facade and the stairs. In the hall, a V.I.P. DIA projected the conference theme on the central screen, with the speakers in the background.
Other V.I.P. DIA projected the sponsor brands (Clay Paky, Martini, Bacardi and Peroni) as well as the SILB logo both on the side walls and on the building facade.
Another V.I.P., positioned near the stairs, was a perfect example of luminous projection used for “signalling” (“22nd Silb Conference”), guiding the guests into the conference hall.

Stefano Carelli and Remo Florio’s Dee Jay Service, a Clay Paky distributor, saw to all the lighting design and organization of the Conference.