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Singapore’s School of the Arts opts for Clay Paky
De Sisti Pte. Ltd.
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Alpha Spot HPE 700 and Alpha Wash 700 spotlight Singapore’s budding artists.

The School of the Arts (SOTA) is Singapore’s first national arts school to offer an integrated arts and academic curriculum for students aged 13-18 years old. The vision of the school is to nurture Singapore’s next generation of artists and creative professionals committed to the arts in a multi-cultural society.

Located in Zubir Said Drive, this school reflects the rich diversity of its artistic program with three different performance venues: Theatre, Concert Hall and Studio Theatre. All three halls are suitably adorned with Clay Paky luminaires, which are used to enhance the performance and staging for certain plays and shows.

According to SOTA’s Lighting Technician, Albert Wileo, “We got to know Clay Paky from the feedback from a couple of friends from the entertainment industry in Singapore. After we tested the demo set of Clay Paky 700 Wash and Alpha 700 Spot HPE, we knew this was the brand for us. Besides being more affordable compared to other brands, it also has a very rich color texture which works very well for concerts and stage performance.

“Clay Paky is also equipped with beautiful gobos that can produce a wide variety of beams. And it doesn’t stop there – Clay Paky is also capable of producing extremely fast PAN and TILT movement. This will give a very fluid and natural movement to the lighting effect produced.  And not forgetting its lightness and wide zoom capability,” continued Wileo.

The Clay Paky equipment – a total of 10 Alpha Spot HPE 700s and 11 Alpha Wash 700s – was installed by regional lighting and staging specialists Desisti Asia Pte Ltd.

Equipment Supplied
10 units of Alpha Spot HPE 700
11 units of Alpha Wash 700

Installed by Desisti Asia Pte Ltd

Picture caption: White shirt (Alan Loh), blue shirt (Albert Wileo) and SOTA crews