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SuperSharpy: the legend continues. First international Preview at ProLight+Sound 2014

After the Sharpy’s extraordinary worldwide success, Clay Paky is now launching the SuperSharpy, an ACL beam type moving head featuring a 470 watt, 7,000 K lamp. If you have been amazed at how bright the Sharpy is, the SuperSharpy will leave you literally stunned. Its light beam is nothing short of four times brighter, with a far bigger difference than you would expect by simply comparing the rated wattage of the two lamps (470 vs 190). Thanks to this incredible output, the SuperSharpy’s light reaches never-seen-before mid-air distances, making the SuperSharpy the first low-wattage beam light that can really challenge a searchlight.

However Clay Paky has not settled for merely producing a “more powerful beam light”. The SuperSharpy also provides the utmost in terms of light quality and number of effects.

Let’s start from the light quality. The SuperSharpy produces a thick column of structured, dense light, not just concentrated, but also with a clear and uniform color. This is the result of a new optical unit with a large 170 mm diameter lens at its end, from which a beam similar to a powerful searchlight emerges. The beam diameter can be modified with a beam size reduction system, offering different diameters right down to a “surgical” micro-beam similar to a laser. The brightness remains the same at any beam angle and the minimum aperture is literally zero degrees, i.e. the SuperSharpy’s beam remains perfectly parallel for its entire length.

A frost unit allows to soften the beam edge, to such an extent that SuperSharpy nearly turns into a wash light. Let’s now look at the effects, starting with the colors. The SuperSharpy features a CMY mixing system based on three wheels with eight colors each. The dichroic filters have been selected and combined to produce a nearly infinite variety of hues and shades. CTO filters are available on each wheel to create even the “warmest” shades. A special fourth wheel with saturated colors can rotate continuously at variable speeds, thus producing a very striking mid-air “rainbow” effect.

The SuperSharpy features two gobo wheels. The first has 7 high quality rotating dichroic gobos; the second provides 20 fixed metal gobos, including a wide selection of beam diameter reducers. The gobos can be used to shape the beam in mid-air but, in addition and thanks to the extraordinary SuperSharpy optics, perfectly focused images can be projected onto the projection surface, even tens of metres away!

The SuperSharpy is the first fixture of the “PRIMA” series, a new generation of Clay Paky luminaires which not only have a new look, but have also been built to ease operation, handling and maintenance. As all Clay Paky beam-lights, SuperSharpy features extremely fast and accurate pan-tilt movements and effect changes, and it has advanced pre-programmed functions just waiting to be discovered!

Let yourself get hooked on the SuperSharpy, its surprising speed and the fluidity of its movements. The legend continues…