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Clay Paky’s presence on the Swiss market has lasted for a number of years and has strengthened over time, gaining a leading commercial and technological role in the professional show lighting sector.

In the aim to improve and upgrade the efficiency of the distribution and support network in Switzerland, given the ever growing importance of this market, Clay Paky has formed a new sales network with the three following points of sale:

EMME di Alvarez Michele, Ai Campisc 5b, 6528 Camorino
Tel +41-91 8501065 – Fax +41-91 8501061
MCG, Badenersrasse 816, 8048 Z├╝rich
Tel +41-1 4332343 – Fax +41-1 4332373
AUDIO LIGHT, Le Battoir, 1114 Colombier
Tel +41-21 8697010 – Fax +41-21 8697017

Thanks to a long, rewarding experience matured in professional show lighting with Clay Paky products, the three Swiss points of sale are specially skilled in guaranteeing the highest levels of professionalism in sales and after-sales support on the market required by Clay Paky, as well as in satisfying the most advanced requirements of any applicative environment.