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Take that on Tour with Clay Paky
Lighting Designer
Patrick Woodrfoffe
Neg Earth Lights
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Take That, the most famous British boy band, took a grandMA2 on their “Circus” tour with them. The lighting was designed by Patrick Woodroffe and the stage by Es Devlin. Kim Gavin was art director and the tour was produced by TPO (The Production Office), with Chris Vaughan as production manager. 

The lighting system featured about 300 moving lights – including 56 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300s and 18 Alpha Beam 1500s. The majority of the moving lights were fixed to a 15-metre diameter truss, which simulated a circus tent on the stage at the beginning of the show. It was then lifted up to create a frame around the central LED Screen. 

Woodroffe also recruited Dave Hill into the creative team, and entrusted him with planning the show. They have already worked together on the preparation of several projects. Hill specifically requested a full-size grandMA2. Dennis Gardner also participated in the planning and took part in the tour as lighting director/operator, because Hill was busy at the same time with the Eagles tour, again with a grandMA. 

All the lighting equipment was provided by Neg Earth Lights. Capital Sound supplied the audio and video equipment. Summit Steel provided the trusses and the Kinesys system for the traverse.

Photo: Copyright – Dave Hogan