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Technical Supply Japan appointed as Claypaky and ADB distributor for the Japanese market

Professional entertainment lighting manufacturers Claypaky and ADB have appointed Tokyo based Technical Supply Japan, founded in 1986 as a supplier/installer of specialty lighting equipment to the touring, theater, theme park, TV, film and architectural markets, as their exclusive distributor for Japan starting from March 1st, 2018.

Japan is a country well known for its high industry standards and top quality infrastructure – Tokyo will host the Summer Olympic Games in 2020 – playing a constant leading role both technologically and culturally speaking. To fulfill the requirements of this demanding market, Technical Supply Japan has been carefully selected due to its excellent record and long history in serving Japanese customers at all levels.

Alberico D’Amato, Claypaky & ADB Head of Sales, comments: “Claypaky and ADB have so much to offer to the Japanese market. The dedication we put in the design and quality of our products matches exactly the philosophy of attention to detail Japanese people have. Working with utmost professionalism I foresee the achievement of our mutual goals.”

Alfonso Zarate Takano, Claypaky & ADB Sales Manager for APAC, adds: “Claypaky and ADB products are second to none, and I truly believe that the Technical Supply Japan team has the knowledge and capability to bring up both brands to their maximum potential. I look very forward to starting our activities together.”