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The Clay Paky Mythos Becomes Legend
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UNITED KINGDOM – Ambersphere Solutions continue to enjoy the strongest possible sales story for the Clay Paky Mythos.  Since its UK debut at PLASA 2014, the Mythos has established itself as yet another ‘must have’ Clay Paky fixture in every genre of the lighting industry.  From television studios to corporate trade launches, theatrical performances and live touring productions, the Mythos is up there at the top of the list for the fixture of choice.
Among the first to order its Mythos was Lightwave Productions, a small London based company that provides a full technical production service across a broad range of events. Its hire stock needs to be able to service the needs of everything from a corporate awards dinner or a press launch to a full festival production. 

Company Director, Henry Clarke saw the Mythos being demoed by Lee House and felt that the Mythos was an intelligent light that was equally as adaptable as it is clever, and therefore essential to the Lightwave stock sheet.  “After a good deal of careful consideration of how best to provide the best possible service to our clients and still remain financially buoyant, we bought the Mythos due to their versatility and they have surpassed our expectations.  We’ve used them on projects ranging from ballet shows to festival stages and they’ve performed brilliantly.  There has also been a huge dry hire demand for them which confirms to us that this is a very sought after piece of kit and we made the absolutely spot on purchase choice. As for the purchasing process, Ambersphere were brilliant both before purchase and with after sales technical support.”

Adlib, the Sound, Light and Visual Solutions Company recently added a significant number of Mythos fixtures to its continually expanding lighting stock. Lighting & Video General Manager Mike Docksey explains why: “The sheer power and versatility of the Mythos means that we are able to utilise its creative potential across a plethora of varied events and genres. 

Ian Tomlinson, speaking as both director of Lighting & Video at Adlib and as an LD is in agreement, “As soon as we saw the Mythos it was an easy decision, both from a creative and commercial point of view. I see many applications where the Mythos will outperform its competitors and from a rental perspective we see it as being a mainstay of our inventory for many years.”

Lee House of Ambersphere echoes both their comments, saying “When demoing the product to Mike Docksey it was clear very early on that Mythos had a good fit with the rest of their inventory. Adlib’s commitment to Clay Paky allows us and them to grow together and reinforce our relationship moving forward.”

“Having invested heavily over the last twelve months in our lighting and video stocks it was a simple step to further cement our strong relationships with Ambersphere and Clay Paky,” adds Mike Docksey.  As he says, it is not just the quality of the hardware that draws customers to place their orders with Ambersphere Solutions.  “Both brands are trusted throughout the industry,” he comments, “And, as always, with Lee House at Ambersphere, the journey has been a most pleasurable one.”