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The Deutsches Theater counts on Clay Paky and MA
Lighting Designer
Georg Nemec
Photo Credits
Nilz Böhme
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Germany – The Deutsches Theater, also known as the  “Feenpalast”, was built in Munich in 1896 in Baroque Revival style by Alexander Blum, Joseph Rank and Karl Stöhr. In 2008, restoration of the architectural complex, which includes the theatre itself and a smaller room for events, got under way in grand style. However the theatre only resumed its regular activity in January this year. An MA Lighting system was chosen to run the completely renewed lighting rig.

“The theatre plays host to a wide variety of touring productions, including musicals, operettas, ballets and concerts,”
explained lighting director Georg Nemec. “For this reason we have decided to rely on a grandMA2, which not only has all the features you could want, but also has the advantage that most operators already know how to use it. In this way, external production technicians can quickly adapt their programs to our system, mostly without difficulty. We also very much appreciate the grandMA2’s management philosophy: it provides several ways to achieve predetermined results, using just a few keystrokes.”

However we have not only chosen new technology for system management. The theatre itself and the “Silbersaal” are equipped with lights, which include sixteen Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700s, with their sophisticated framing system. “In this way, we can illuminate specific areas of the stage perfectly,” Nemec explained with satisfaction. “I should also add that this multifunctional light is very lightweight and its use avoids irritating noise in the auditorium.”

Neuötting-based Zeiler-Technik dealt with the complete renewal of the stage lighting and sound and video equipment..

The Deutsches Theater will inaugurate its theatre season in March with West Side Story.