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Up up in the sky: Clay Paky and MA illuminate Marburg b(u)y Night
Lighting Designer
Sebastian Haffer
Flashlight Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH
Photo Credits
Georg Kronenberg
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Germany – Every year, during Marburg b(u)y Night, Marburg city centre lights up: more than sixty public and private buildings become the stars of the show, and the shops stay open until midnight. The centrepiece of the event this year was the “Blickpunkt Schloss” project: the medieval landgraves’ castle was lit up on the hour and half hour starting from 6 pm with a timecoded light and music show. There were three magical places in the city where you could enjoy the show with appropriate background music. Flashlight Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH dealt with staging the events.

Among the equipment the company chose to use were 39 Clay Paky Mythos units, one grandMA light, one onPC command wing, one 8Port Node onPC and four VPU plus MK2s (video processing units). An MA remote control system was also installed in order to control the lighting around the castle using tablet computers. The show was pre-programmed with the help of a 3D MA and a 3D model of Marburg castle.

The lighting designer, programmer and operator Sebastian Haffer had this to say: “We used Clay Paky Mythos units for their extremely intense light and fantastic beam functions. We wanted beams you could see even from considerable distances. We went for MA products too, because we consider them the most reliable. The decisive factor was above all the networking features of the MA range, which made configuration considerably easier!”

“For the tenth anniversary of the event, we had to find something to make it stand out,” said Marburg city marketing coordinator Jan-Bernd Röllmann. “The nearest thing we have to an emblem of the city is the medieval landgraves’ castle, which was turned into the focal point around which the audiovisual show was created. The show was so bright that a flight attendant from Marburg, who works at Frankfurt airport, told us that a Lufthansa pilot asked her after the show what had happened to her hometown. His plane had flown over Marburg, so he had caught a glimpse of the incredible light show.”

Benjamin Graff dealt with the lighting system and Johannes Kimsted, with the music. Eric Hines was technical project manager, and Gerd Trappmann from WiCon was in charge of site radio transmission. The 3D model of the landgraves’ castle in Marburg was provided by Philipp Matschoß (3FACES). Niclen and B&K Braun supplied all the equipment.