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Vakhtangov Theater in Moscow Presents Music and Light Show Featuring Claypaky LED Moving Heads
Lighting Designer
Ruslan Mayorov and Alexander Matveev
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Moscow’s Vakhtangov Theater marked its upcoming 100th anniversary with a stunning special 10-minute music and light show featuring more than one hundred Claypaky Axcor Profile 900 high-wattage moving head LED spotlights and HY B-EYE K25 moving head LED wash.

The theater’s Lighting Designers Ruslan Mayorov and Alexander Matveev created the lighting spectacular with Sergei Dobrikov, Software Engineer from equipment supplier and installer Doka Center, choreographing the intricate play of beams to music by Faustas Latenas. An invited audience was in attendance for the show, which featured forests of parallel beams, dancing beams, textured curtains of light and giant beams that broke the boundaries of the proscenium to sweep the audience. The theater’s heads and the Russian government’s Minister of Culture were on hand to offer congratulations.

“When we were looking for lighting equipment for the Vakhtangov Theater, we looked at many manufacturers, but somewhere deep in my heart, we made a choice of Claypaky fixtures long ago,” says designers Mayorov and Martveey. “We live at a time when lighting equipment loses its relevance in a year, and the challenges for this show were to use LED fixtures with no loss of intensity and color and little noise backed up by reliability and support.”

They traveled to Claypaky’s plant in Italy with Doka’s Vasily Litvin, where they observed the entire Axcor line as well as the B-EYE and K-EYE products. “The most important thing is that Claypaky listened to our wishes and developed quiet, theatrical versions of the devices especially for our theater. We are sure that we made the right choice and want to say thanks to Claypaky and Doka!”

The designers have known the Claypaky brand since the beginning of their. “It has a reputation for being the best and highest quality manufacturer of lighting equipment in the industry. Over the past 15 years the quality of Claypaky has not diminished, and their variety of tools has grown. We like that the company listens to its customers and, since the equipment is chosen by artists, it regularly updates the toolkit and adds new opportunities for artists without losing quality, reliability and attention to detail. With the variety of Claypaky fixtures available you can choose a device for any task.”

Slawa Gartung is CIS Sales Manager for Claypaky.