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Klemantis 1000 RGBW

AS1000 RGBW code AL2025E41100 – AS1000 RGBW WS WDMX AL2025E41110

Klemantis RGBW is a multipurpose, versatile fixture that features uniform colours, premium optical performance, smooth dimming, and much more. Not limited to just theatres, this luminaire has what it takes to do much more.

The Klemantis RGBW is a colour-optimized version of the Klemantis HCR, offering the same premium optical performance and renowned dimming quality as well as full compatibility with all existing accessories.

With its amazing high light output (red more than 4 times higher, green more than 3 times higher, and blue more than 2 times higher than the HCR version), the Klemantis RGBW has a proprietary optical design and is the optimal solution for illuminating tall cycloramas (15 to 16 meters) in a double row (bottom and top) configuration, as well as medium-size cycloramas (5 to 7 meters) in single row applications.
With its optional symmetrical lens accessory kits and colour compatibility with the Claypaky B-EYEs, the Klemantis RGBW is more than just an powerful CYC light, it is a true multipurpose luminaire, which ensures unsurpassed performance – from the back and from the side – with a drastically reduced focus time.
A W-DMX wireless control version of Klemantis RGBW is available.


  • Light Source
    16 x Osram RGBW LEDs
  • Zoom range
    asymmetric flood with proprietary optical design; Symmetrical lens 28° to 18° kit (optional)
  • Effects
    Tunable white ranging from 2500K to 8000K; Tungsten mode, to replicate the tungsten lamp behavior during dimming and CTC adjustment; 16-bit ultra-smooth dimming, with different dimming curves available; Tint correction: +/- green/magenta adjustments; Smooth color transition through different times, crossfade and path options; Color control: hue saturation luminosity (HSL), CMY, RGB and RAW modes fully exploit the potential of the RGBW system; wide selection of digital filters (color macros); High color stability and accuracy, also in tungsten mode; Color consistency over time and temperature changes, thanks to fixture calibration; Fixture to fixture color repeatability
Data Sheet DMX Channels Photometrics IES


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  • 16 RGBW LED module featuring four colors: Red + Green + Blue + White
  • Color temperature: Tunable white ranging from 2500K to 8000K, with perfect CCT
  • Lifetime L70: 57000 h
    *It may vary depending on various factors, as type of use and environment


  • Optics: FFL Asymmetric, proprietary optical design
  • Luminous flux: 3055 lumens
  • High efficiency optical system


  • Fan mode: 24.5 dB(A) @ 1m


  • Personalities: Four modes with 15/15/23/23 control channels
  • Control protocols: DMX512 / RDM /Art-Net 4 / RDM over Art-Net 4
  • Wireless control: (W-DMX) optional 
  • Data IN connector: 5 pins XLR + RJ45
  • Data OUT connector: 5 pins XLR 
  • Ethernet port: RJ45 IN
  • Power connector input : Neutrik PowerCon True1
  • Power thru : Neutrik PowerCon True1
  • Built In Web Server


  • Tungsten mode, to replicate the behavior of a tungsten lamp color temperature adjustment.
  • Tint correction: +/- green/magenta adjustments.
  • 16-bit ultra-smooth dimming, with different dimming curves available.
  • Wide color gamut and extended spectrum, including deep blue and deep red.
  • Smooth color transition between CTO and Color Point and Digital Filters and Color Point
  • Gamma correction system
  • Color control: hue saturation luminosity (HSL), CMY, RGB and RAW modes fully exploit the potential of the RGBW system; wide selection of Digital filters (Color macros).
  • Digital filters (Color macros) which reproduce the spectrum of gel filters withtungsten bulbs.
  • High color stability and accuracy, also in tungsten mode, thanks to a high resolution driver.
  • Color consistency over time and temperature changes.
  • Fixture to fixture color repeatability,
  • Flicker-free, thanks to PWM frequency adjustment from 1 KHz to 50 KHz (10 Hz steps).


  • Long life self-charging battery
  • Display Graphic LCD backlit b/w Display
  • Firmware upload from another fixture
  • Firmware Upgrade via Web Server
  • Diagnostic
  • DMX monitoring
  • Remote access through RDM
  • CloudIO compatibility


  • Aluminum and steel structure with plastic covers
  • IP20 protection rate


  • Any working position
  • Optional safety chain


  • Power supply: electronic auto-ranging
  • Input voltage range: 110-240Vac 50/60 Hz
  • Max power consumption: 300 VA at 230V/50Hz


  • Ambient temp. (min-max): -20°C / +40° C
  • Max temperature of the external surface 90°C (194°F)


  • Minimum distance from flammable materials 0.2 meters (8”)


  • CE marking: In conformity with the European Directives:
  • 2014/35/EU - Safety of electrical equipment supplied at low voltage (LVD)
  • 2014/30/EU - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • 2011/65/EU - Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
  • 2009/125/EC - EcoDesign requirements for Energy-related Products (ErP)
  • UKCA: conforms to UK legislation
  •  cETLus Listed


  • Carton box + Polystyrene
  • Carton box + Foam shell


  • 15.9 kg (35.0 lbs.)
  • LxWxH (mm): 1000 x 271 x 196


  • Neutrik PowerCON TRUE 1 power cable/bare ends (1.5m cable PVC insulated 3X1.5mm)
  • Omega bracket
  • Symmetric lens 28°x18° kit - code AZ2001000200 (2 sets of 0.5 meter) (optional)
  • Symmetric lens 40°x18° kit - code AZ2001000210 (2 sets of 0.5 meter) (optional)
  • Double-row mounting tool - code AR2001000000 (optional)
  • Junction pin - code AA20000001020 (optional)
  • Hook clamp - code ADB-1092.10.600 (optional)
  • Safety bond - code 2x 105041/001 (optional)
  • Omega Bracket - code 319102/801 (optional)




Technical Documentation


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