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Volero Cube

Claypaky Volero Cube

Imagine a compact IP66 moving head seamlessly merging beam, wash, and strobe effects – also with pixel-to-pixel control. Imagine configuring it to create stunning and dynamic lighting elements, either as single units or on multiples for complex arrangements. Impossible? Not with Volero Cube!
Volero Cube can be your ultimate creative building block: it’s not just a single tool, but a whole toolbox bursting with playful possibilities, packed into one compact and versatile unit. It is a unique fixture in Claypaky’s portfolio, the first of a new series of compact, powerful, and versatile moving heads.

What makes Volero Cube so special:

  • Multi-purpose Master: Forget needing a separate tool for every lighting effect. Volero Cube is like having multiple creative sets in one: beam, wash, and strobe plus pixel mapping!
  • Powerful Performer: Don’t be fooled by its compact size, Volero Cube packs a serious punch – it combines 4 RGBW LED modules by 60W each and cross-shaped powerful cool white LED strips for strobe effects, intersecting the four 80x80mm square lenses for crisp, focused beams that pierce the darkness and grab the audience’s attention.
  • Zooming the light: Need to adjust your light beam on the fly, like reshaping your creative vision? Volero Cube’s motorized zoom lets you effortlessly switch between a tight spot for pinpointing specific details and a wider wash to illuminate the entire stage.
  • Pixel Control at your Fingertips: With individual pixel control, you have the power to create stunning color effects, gradients, and chases, allowing you to bring your lighting design to life like building a vibrant and dynamic masterpiece.
  • Space-Saving: Tight on space? No problem! Its compact size makes it like a versatile building block that fits perfectly into any design, even the most space-constrained ones. You can easily mount it on trusses or lighting stands.
  • Modular dream: Create awesome matrix effects by mixing and matching multiple fixtures. The synchronized movement produces a stunning graphical effect: the more overwhelming the more fixtures are connected. Customize your setup with as many fixtures as desired. A neat alignment system with hidden spacers enables PAN to rotate freely.
  • Weather-proof: Volero Cube is the latest addition to the Shield family, boasting an IP66 protection rating against dust ingress and water jets. Designed for outdoor use in diverse weather conditions, Volero Cube, ensures the safety and reliability of your lighting setup, regardless of the elements.

So, if you are looking for a do-it-all solution, that can handle many tasks without breaking the bank, Volero Cube is the ultimate playful building block for you. It’s a reliable and feature-packed unit that empowers you to create stunning visuals and unforgettable lighting experiences.

  • Light Source
    4 x 60W RGBW LEDs and 4 lines of cold white strobe LEDs split into 8 areas
  • Zoom range
    4°- 55°
  • Effects
    RGBW color mixing system; White CT emulation 8000K to 2500K; 16bit resolution with 5 different dimmer curves; Electronic strobe/stop from 1 to 25 f/sec; Pixel mapping control; Advanced Layer Management


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