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Knight of Illumination
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Clay Paky Fixtures Help Coheed and Cambria Tell Their Story on Tour
January 22, 2015
USA – Coheed and Cambria, the American progressive metal band whose... read more
Clay Paky Mythos at the Ceremony Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique Shootings in Montreal
January 19, 2015
CANADA – On December 6 the night sky over Montreal was pierced by 14... read more
Clay Paky Illuminates the 2014 Nobel Prize Banquet
January 16, 2015
SWEDEN - On December 10, 2014, Clay Paky joined the elite crowd of... read more
"El Juez" celebrates its world première with MA Lighting and Clay Paky
January 15, 2015
Austria - The opera "El Juez" (the judge) celebrated its world... read more