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A.leda B-EYE
Knight of Illumination
Mercedes Fashion Week
Clay Paky fixtures are the champions on rock legend Queen’s World Tour
August 19, 2014
Worldwide: When it came to creating a high impact floor package for... read more
Clay Paky and MA Lighting accompany Adel Tawil
August 17, 2014
Germany - Adel Salah Mahmoud Eid El-Tawil, or Adel Tawil for short, is... read more
Clay Paky illuminates Sforza Castle to tell the story of Milan, past and present
August 15, 2014
Milan, Italy – From 20 to 22 June, the Sforza Castle in Milan was... read more
RML illuminates Blue Peter with the Clay Paky B-EYEs
August 13, 2014
UNITED KINGDOM - Blue Peter is one of the longest running shows in... read more