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Clay Paky helps Cheek make Finnish pop history
December 19, 2014
Helsinki, Finland – Finnish rapper Cheek recently made part of pop... read more
Clay Paky Sharpys and B-EYEs Amp Up the Energy at “Nights by Absolut”
December 17, 2014
USA – Clay Paky Sharpy and B-EYE K20 fixtures helped light up the... read more
Clay Paky delivers mind-blowing lighting for Böhse Onkelz (Bad Uncles)
December 15, 2014
Germany – This summer saw 80s German rock/punk legends Böhse Onkelz... read more
Eclispe Staging Services supplies Clay Paky lights for Lady Gaga in Dubai
December 13, 2014
UAE - Dubai-based rental houses, Eclipse Staging Services and Delta... read more