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Lighting Designer
Ian Scott
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A $140 million redevelopment program by the state of Victoria’s government has transformed the Geelong Arts Centre into Australia’s largest dedicated regional arts center boasting two new theaters alongside new bars and event spaces.  The upgrade includes the installation of 28 Claypaky Sinfonya Profile 600s, unique, low-noise LED-based fixtures conceived and developed exclusively for the theater market. The fixtures are stylish and packed with technology, offering endless possibilities for theater designers to utilize a wide variety of features specifically developed for theatrical productions.

According to Ben Van Dillen, Technical Operations Manager for the venue, “we needed a fixture that had shutters and an excellent color profile.  I also wanted a moving light that was going to match our LED profiles, something that we could use not just as a theater light but also as a rock ’n roll-style light.  It was important to have automated fixtures for shows that come in for only a day, which you need to turn around really quickly.”

Show Technology’s Keith Bradshaw visited the crew at Geelong Arts Centre to conduct a shootout of various fixtures after receiving Van Dillen’s specs.  Van Dillen opted for the Sinfonyas, which were installed in the Play House, a 764-seat proscenium theater for live shows, major concerts, dance performances and corporate launches.  He calls the fixtures “amazing” and says they have quickly become favorites among the touring lighting designers who have used them.

Ian Scott was delighted to get his hands on the Sinfonyas while doing the lighting design for “Jersey Boys” for the Geelong Lyric Theatre Company.

“The multi-color emitter light engine is great: The ability to get saturated colors at high intensity helps punch through additive color fixtures, unlike traditional CMY subtractive fixtures,” he notes.  “The gobo selection is great for a wide variety of use cases, and the 5 – 60° zoom range is all that I ask for in a fixture.  They were great in The Play House and I’m sure they will perform just as well in smaller and larger venues.”

Jason Bouvaird was also impressed by the Sinfonyas after using them on a production of “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.”

“I found the Claypaky Sinfonyas to be an incredible moving light spot,” he says.  “The brightness out of these lights at 9 meters is incredible.  They are quick to respond to all movements on stage, and the gobos are an excellent selection.  The shutter framing on the lights is a huge bonus feature as well.  I think these lights are the next generation workhorse in a moving light fleet.”

Alfonso Zarate Takano is Claypaky’s Regional Sales Manager for APAC.