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Lighting Designer
C.K Muraleedharan (DOP), Imran Shaikh (LD)
Light Craft & Sound PVT Ltd
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The synergy between two leading lighting brands took center stage when Claypaky and ARRI teamed to light music videos from the Bollywood film, “Dream Girl 2.”

“Dream Girl 2” is a new Hindi-language comedy-drama about a man who creates chaos and confusion when he disguises himself as a woman. Director of Photography C.K Muraleedharan was challenged to create music videos for two item songs, upbeat dance numbers featuring the hero in his female disguise; one song with a club dance vibe; and a festival celebration song with the lead actors – all shot at different locations.

Equipment rental company Light Craft & Sound PVT Ltd provided Claypaky Tambora Batten Square, Sharpy X Frame, HY B-Eye K25, and Mythos2 fixtures as well as ARRI SkyPanel S60-C lights for the shoots.

The lighting equipment was chosen for “the amount of trust we have in the brands and their fixtures,” says Imran Shaikh and his team of talented Lighting Designers namely, Sachin, Vikram, Kaushik, Naresh, Rohan, and Raju Das. “ARRI offers performance power and fixture sustainability, which means the SkyPanel S60-Cs have the kind of light quality we prefer and are very reliable during shoots.”

“Claypaky Sharpy X Frame has unique effects and is one of our most trusted lights. The fixtures are compact and lightweight with high-intensity beams and fast and precise movement.”

The Claypaky Sharpy X Frames, K25s, and Mythos2 fixtures were hung upside down on truss while the ARRI SkyPanel S60-Cs were mounted on stands to provide ambient light, and the Claypaky Tambora battens were positioned in the background.

Markus Klüsener, Senior Product Manager Lighting at ARRI, comments: “This application perfectly demonstrates the synergistic potential of combining ARRI and Claypaky lighting fixtures. The product offering of both brands compliments each other while offering the user the additional simplicity of bundling with one single manufacturer.” He elaborates: “As of late, there has been an uptake in using traditional entertainment or live event lighting fixtures as an accompaniment to our Cinestyle luminaires in film productions, not only for effects but also in far distance key-lighting applications.”

“All of the fixtures performed phenomenally well throughout the shoots,” reports Arjun Singh (Managing Director of Light Craft and Sound). “Support from the manufacturers was great; whenever we needed them, even for minor issues, we received their help.”