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Lighting Designer
Imran Shaikh & Rohan Tambe
Light Craft

Mumbai-based Light Craft & Sound Pvt. Ltd. provided a large complement of Claypaky fixtures to light three music videos showcasing songs from the hit Bollywood film, “Satyaprem Ki Katha” (“Tale of True Love”).

Released in June 2023, the film is a Hindi language romantic drama about a troubled marriage.  It has already become the sixth highest-grossing Hindi film of the year.

Claypaky Sharpy X Frames, Tambora Batten Squares, HY B-EYE K25s and Mythos 2 fixtures were selected by Lighting Designers Imran Shaikh and Rohan Tambe to light the production of the three videos.  Light Craft undertook the responsibility of creating stunning lighting designs for the three songs working closely with the Director of Photography and Choreographer to achieve specific atmospheres and moods.

For the songs “Raat Baaki” and “Sun Sajni,” Light Craft was tasked with creating an immersive festival atmosphere that transported the audience to a vibrant, energetic world filled with authentic vibes.  To achieve this they employed a range of cutting-edge lighting fixtures, including Sharpy X Frames, Tambora Batten Squares, K25s and Mythos 2s.

The song “Guiju Pataka” required a grand and dramatic entry for the hero befitting the larger-than-life nature of Bollywood.  Light Craft used the Claypaky fixtures to create a captivating lighting design that complemented the hero’s entrance.

“These four fixtures were the perfect choice for the camera applications and the themes of the videos,” says (Ayananka Bose & Manu Anand, Directors of Photography).  “The Sharpy X Frames were used primarily as spots and as the main stage fixtures.  Tambora Batten Squares enabled our creative approach, especially in the song ‘Guiju Pataka,’ while the K25s served as proper wash effects and the Mythos 2 provided background beams and powerful punch lights.”

Arjun Singh (Managing Director of Light Craft) reports that the fixtures performed “exceptionally well with zero technical issues, as always.  Claypaky fixtures are the first choice for Bollywood movie applications.”

Claypaky technical support was appreciated as well.  “The Claypaky technical team is always there to update us on new features and the functionality of their latest fixtures,” notes Imran Shaikh and Rohan Tambe (Lighting Designers)

Arjun Singh is Light Craft’s Managing Director.  Pankil Ahuja is Claypaky’s Sales Manager for India and the sub-continent.