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United Kingdom
Lighting Designer
Tim Routledge
Neg Earth Lights

The 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) recently concluded in England’s 11,000-seat Liverpool Arena where Sweden took top honors with the song, “Tattoo”Tim Routledge, Lighting Designer for the show, utilized a large complement of 194 x Claypaky Sharpy-X-Frames, 126 x Scenius Unicos, 40 x Hy B-EYE K25s, 12 x Sharpy Plus Aqua and 12 x ReflectXions to illuminate the set, whose embracing design had special significance this year.

The ESC took place in Liverpool after Ukraine, the winner of the 2022 contest, was unable to meet the demands of hosting the 2023 event.  The three live shows, two semi-finals and the grand finale, were presented by British and Ukrainian hosts and featured 37 participating countries.  The slogan for the ESC was “United by Music” with theme art by London- and Ukraine-based studios featuring colors inspired by both national flags. 

The stage design by New York set designer Julio Himede was based on “the principles of togetherness, celebration and community,” a sentiment with poignancy considering international solidarity with Ukraine.  The stage was 450 square meters and featured 220 square meters of independently rotating LED screens and more than 700 LED floor tiles.

“The X-Frames were used in the main architectural look of the show – the huge scenic arms designed by Julio Himede that extended out into the audience as a ‘hug’ to the world,” explains Tim Routledge.  “This was one of my most important lighting positions to give the show dynamic and mind-bending architectures of light and extend the look of the show right down the arena in a volume of light beams.  From tight beam curved architectures to the most stunning rainbow look for a major part of the show, the X Frames gave us a bold and colorful punch.”

A completely hybrid, multi-function fixture, the Sharpy-X-Frame delivers beam effects and acts as a spot, profile, or wash unit.  It features a four-focal plane shutter system in a lightweight, compact fixture; its 550-Watt source makes the fixture extremely bright and produces deep and vivid uniform colors.

Neg Earth Lights supplied the whole Claypaky equipment for ESC Liverpool show.