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United States of America
Lighting Designer
Christian Jackson
Gateway Productions
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When mysterious electronic music producer and artist Deathpact played Brooklyn Steel post-Labor Day, Lighting Designer Christian Jackson chose 24 Claypaky Volero Waves and eight Mythos 2 fixtures for a show tailored to the venue.

Deathpact uses a design template for their headlining tour shows, which is customized for different stage configurations at various venues across the US and modified for each major performance.  The design features multiple transparent video panels between columns of light giving a 3D edge to the canvases for the video content.

“I’ve been waiting for a chance to use Volero Waves in the real world, and this was the perfect alignment of circumstances to give them a shot,” says Jackson.  “We had limited physical space and a limited budget for this show, but luckily our vendor, Gateway Productions, had the perfect number of Voleros to fit the stage exactly in the configuration we needed to accomplish the look.  I love the look of the fixture’s reflector-style head with a rectangular lens.”

Jackson stacked four Volero Waves end to end on six columns evenly spaced between the video panels.  “In this particular design, Volero Wave really allowed for colors to extrude from the video in a way that mimics the square/column aesthetic of the video design.  It provided a powerful 3D effect when bordering video that could be simple or crazy depending on the moment,” Jackson explains.  “They create a great look and the speed and density of the square beam reminds me of having a massive row of LED scanner mirrors panning at full speed.”

In addition, he notes, “Volero Wave is definitely the most sleek-looking and visually appealing of the tilting bar fixtures on the market.”