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Claypaky Fixtures Light Up the Stage for the New “The Voice Dominicana” TV Series
Lighting Designer
Paulinho Lebrao
BM Eventos (BME)

“The Voice Dominicana”, a singing competition based in the Dominican Republic and part of the international TV series, has begun airing on the island’s Telesistema 11 with a large roster of Claypaky fixtures lighting the show.

The series features a panel of four coaches who critique and guide the artists’ performances throughout the season.  As part of a worldwide franchise, “The Voice Dominicana” was tasked with maintaining the high broadcast standards of the series while showcasing the Dominican Republic’s unique musical style.

AV equipment supplier and Claypaky distributor BM Eventos (BME), which also designed the stage set, provided 24 Mythos 2 spots, 36 A.leda B-EYE K20s, 20 Stormy CC strobes, 60 Glow Up battery-operated luminaires, 24 Show Batten 100 LED moving bars, and two Axcor Spot 300s.

“When I was invited by Edwin Belliard of BME to participate he suggested doing the show with 90 percent Claypaky fixtures,” says Lighting Designer Paulinho Lebrao.  “I was very happy about that because I know the quality and versatility of Claypaky fixtures.”

Versatility is a must on the set where Lebrao says the B-EYE K20s are employed for lighting effects, strong beams and all the TV lights.  The hybrid nature of the Mythos 2 fixtures, with their spot and beam modes, also comes in handy.

“Although we only have two Axcor Spot 300s, they work beautifully, too,” Lebrao adds.  “We use them like a back followspot and love the quality of the beam, the colors and the fact that, at 300w, they are small and perfect!

“I am so happy to use Claypaky fixtures on the show,” Lebrao declares.  “They deliver amazing quality and make my life easy on the set.”

“Claypaky  fixtures offer great performance in the television studio, there is no doubt that for broadcast and streaming we have outstanding products appreciated by lighting designers and photography directors,” mentioned Mauricio Brando, Claypaky’s regional manager for Latin America.

Alberto Zayas is the Artistic Director, Andre Batista is the Director of Photography and Omar Martí is the Set Designer.