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Claypaky Muscle Sculpts 1Rebel London’s Axcor
Lighting Designer
Durham Marenghi
Photo Credits
Dean Osborne
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UK – The 1Rebel group’s new London gym is mixing high intensity workouts with high end entertainment technology, using Claypaky SharBars and Axcor 300s to create an immersive fitness environment.

Adrenalin hunters and clubbers alike are being invited to experience the new venue, in the Victoria area of the city, which features a pre-programmed lighting design created by internationally renowned LD Durham Marenghi.

“1Rebel commissioned me to specify a rig that could create a lighting show more like a high-end night club than a gym, to meet their concept of ‘taking fitness entertainment to the next level’,” says Marenghi. “The fixtures needed to be fast moving, dynamic and bright, to shoot dense beams of colour around the room with nightclub like effects. The SharBar was my first choice; it does all of the above and much more.”

The 1Rebel Nova fitness studio is a two-tiered, futuristic space with high walls, wrapped in a metallic skin with a galvanised steel staircase.

“The SharBar allowed me to create sharp effects to project onto those surfaces, with defined parallel rays of light cutting through the air,” Marenghi continues. “The flexibility of what you can achieve with the beams using the SharBar – and its mirrors – is fantastic.”

The lighting system includes 14 SharBars, and 11 Axcor 300 Spot fixtures, which were chosen for their compact size yet powerful punch.

“The Axcor 300s allowed me to design fast and fun effects to complement the concept of the studio – using their 17 gobos meant I had quite a choice plus a custom gym logo,” says Marenghi. “For their size, they give me a strong beam and the chance to express a host of looks.”

Added haze within the space makes beams, lasers and effects more visible whilst ensuring ride classes are safe. The AV system is comprised of HD video feeding a 3m square LED screen behind the instructor with impact messages, abstract video art content and live camera images of the instructor.

All of the lighting effects were demonstrated to 1Rebel before being employed at the venue, using a WYSIWYG animation made by Ryan Hopkins at LCR UK. The actual light programme was created off site programmer Dean Osborne and the installation was by MSL.

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