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Claypaky Sharpy Plus Fixtures Illuminate Kany García’s First Concerts in Venezuela
Lighting Designer
Jorge “Mosquito” Redondo
Touch Me Marketing
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Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Kany García visited Caracas, Venezuela for the first time last May where she played two shows in the Ríos Reina Hall of the Teresa Carreño TheaterProduction Manager Jorge “Mosquito” Redondo of Caracas-based OZ Shows selected Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtrures for the concerts, which were provided by Touch Me Marketing in Caracas.

García, whose songs tell the stories of 21st century women through reflective lyrics and expressive performances, is a five-time Latin GRAMMY® winner.  She partnered with AGTE Live Entertainment and Conecciones Entertainment to deliver a show that made such a hit with fans that she plans a return visit to Venezuela this fall.

The initial design for García’s Caracas show came from the artist, her Lighting Designer Will Rivera of WRDesigner in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the design and technical teams at OZ Shows led by Jeremy Danis and Redondo.  The original plan was then adapted by OZ Shows to best suit Ríos Reina Hall.

“Kany’s Lighting Designer, Will, created a design in which the lighting was very well distributed and thought out to deliver the journey of emotions the artist wanted to take with her fans,” says Jeremy Danis, Technical Director at OZ Shows.

“We decided to include Sharpy Plus in the rig for its versatility and its truly hybrid kit with CMY colors so vivid they could only be achieved with their kit model,” Danis explains.

Sharpy Plus is the first true 100 percent hybrid fixture: a perfect combination of a beam light and spotlight.  It’s without match for its wide range of effects and high light output at a very attractive price point.

“The performance of the luminaires was extraordinary,” Danis reports.  “Colors, gobos and optics are incredible on this Claypaky fixture, and we were really grateful to have access to such a quality product in Venezuela.”

Adriana Montañez Pazos is the Director of Marketing at AudioConcept C.A., the exclusive distributor of Claypaky lighting in Venezuela.  Mauricio Brando is Claypaky’s Regional Sales Manager for Latin America.