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Since 2019, Claypaky has been at the forefront of the laser technology revolution, disrupting the industry with relentless innovation. Today, Claypaky offers the most complete portfolio, whether in RGB or white, showcasing its commitment to both stunning effects and sustainable energy use.

For Claypaky, innovation extends beyond the creation of new and stunning technologies and effects. It’s about revolutionizing how these groundbreaking solutions are delivered to the users, making the experience not just cutting-edge, but also easy and comprehensive.

An extensive expertise in laser technology and comprehensive knowledge of USA regulations has empowered Claypaky to design a seamless and automated process for obtaining the variance, ensuring that customers worldwide can enjoy the brilliance of Claypaky’s laser-based portfolio without any hassle.

An effortless solution crafted by Claypaky experts, allows the same laser products celebrated outside the USA to be seamlessly used during tours as well as in installations within the USA territory.

No complexity in managing different product versions – a user-friendly process guarantees a unified and convenient experience.

Claypaky’s “Laser Variance Program”, a dedicated online tool, enables effortless navigation through the entire variance acquisition process, guiding every step of the way and supporting in passing quick online tests after a short online training. On top of that, Claypaky supports filling out the FDA form and submitting it to the FDA office. Obtaining global compliance has never been more straightforward.

In addition to the dedicated Claypaky team, the local US partner stands ready to assist whenever necessary.

Discover the freedom to use Claypaky laser products seamlessly across the globe; and unlock the full potential of this cutting-edge technology. No need to switch products when entering the US!

Experience the convenience of a truly global solution with Claypaky

For general inquiries and support, please contact:

For specific inquiries related to UK territory, please contact our local UK partner – CP Wave:

What sets Claypaky apart?

  • Unmatched Expertise: As the first company to develop the latest technology, Claypaky boasts the longest and most advanced expertise in laser technology.
  • Complete Portfolio: Claypaky offers the most comprehensive range of laser products that captivate audiences with both spectacular effects and environmental responsibility.
  • Global Consistency: The same laser products could be used internationally, eliminating the need for multiple versions.
  • Effortless Approval: The automated process simplifies the variance acquisition in the USA, making it a smooth journey for you.
  • Dedicated Support: Claypaky team, along with the local US partner, is committed to supporting throughout the entire variance acquisition process.