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New Claypaky Products @ PL+S 2018
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The first follow spot to use artificial intelligence

What would the ultimate follow spot be like? A fixture that sees like a human eye, is aware of the stage, knows where the actors are, and follows their movements seamlessly without us having to lift a finger; a light which magically does what seems so obvious: always illuminate the actor. 
Zac-Eye is the first stand-alone follow spot to use artificial intelligence: the movements of the fixture are controlled automatically thanks to this highly innovative device. The magic box is an external device which can be connected to any Claypaky moving light via Ethernet. Its optical 3D sensor detects all the objects on the stage, and a sophisticated algorithm distinguishes human shapes from the rest of the environment. No fine tuning is needed! Simple to install and use, completely reliable, and affordable: the Zac-Eye is the follow spot of the future.

Small body, Big personality, Mass Appeal

The new Axcor 300 family of compact moving LED fixtures brings Claypaky’s no-compromise quality and performance to the broad mid-market. The quality of their effects, their construction, and their high light output derive from the high-end products Claypaky specializes in. The AXCOR SPOT 300 has 17 gobos on 2 wheels, including 7 high quality dichroic  rotating  gobos.  The AXCOR WASH 300 has a 140mm front  PC  lens  and  linear  5.5°-42° zoom. The AXCOR BEAM 300 is able to emit a super-concentrated  solid  beam  with a beam angle as small as 2° and a surprising light output.  They boast cutting-edge electronic and software technology, with all the features that enable optimal fixture management and maintenance over time. With a price-point, physical size and power consumption that disguise their strength and creative potential, the Axcor 300s enable a new world of expression in touring, events, TV, theatre and installed lighting markets.

The Hybrid Wash/Beam light that combines low power consumption with color quality, without compromise

The Hepikos is an innovative Claypaky beam-wash light, which encloses all the most advanced optical, mechanical and electronic technology, in its highly compact body. The light is built around a bright 440W Osram lamp, and features a 5-40° zoom which provides a bright wash effect even at maximum beam angle. The color production system is based on a CMY color mixing consisting of three wheels entirely devoted to producing single colors, as well as two color wheels, each with 8 filters carefully selected by Claypaky’s R&D department. Thanks to its 185 mm diameter plano-convex front lens and its narrow 5° beam angle, it can produce a sharp, full-bodied beam, which may be used for striking aerial effects with saturated colors. Hepikos is ultimately a hybrid light, where both the “beam” and the “wash” functions are optimized, rather than one weakening the other. It is perfect for complementing the beam/spot effects produced by the Mythos, with which it shares the same chassis and the same lamp.


Axcor Profile 900 is the Claypaky profile and spotlight featuring a white LED engine with high luminous efficiency: total power of 900 watts and luminous flux of 46,000 lm (24,000 lumen output). Thanks to its considerable light output, the Claypaky Axcor Profile 900 goes straight in at the top of its category and features the best in modern technology in every parameter: the characteristics of the white and colored light it produces, its ability to form perfectly sharp projections, and the precision micro-mechanics of its exclusive beam shaping system. The Axcor Profile 900 will be used in large numbers at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

K-EYE HCR is a LED wash light which provides total control over the quality of all forms of white and colored light. The new HCR technology used in the K-EYE is an exclusive electronic platform developed by Claypaky in conjunction with Osram. The heart of the K-EYE HCR wash light is a LED light source consisting of a module with six colors: besides the three “classic” basic RED, GREEN and BLUE colors, Claypaky has added AMBER, CYAN and LIME. This exclusive Claypaky device provides a very wide color range with excellent color spectrum coverage and an extraordinary CRI >97, up to 99

Static HCR versions, manually adjustable on 210° tilt, are also available. They are intended specifically for backdrop wash illumination, offering the same optical, electronic and lighting characteristics as the moving versions, including a motorised 6°-50° linear zoom.