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OSA International Invests in Claypaky’s New Volero Wave and Tambora Flash Fixtures at LDI 2022
United States

While many attending LDI 2022 in Las Vegas “oohed and aahed” over Claypaky’s demo of their Volero Wave LED bar, OSA International’s Mark Fetto bought the full LDI rig Claypaky’s of the innovative new fixtures.  “We jumped on them,” he says.  “Volero Wave was the coolest new product we saw at LDI.”

Volero Wave is the latest in Claypaky’s Volero line of high-performance LED bars.  A totally new lighting effect, it offers lighting designers the power to create truly original, three dimensional and volumetric lighting for any production that wants to stand out.  The bar is comprised of eight independent moving bodies which give designers eight separate heads, each capable of moving on a 220º tilt.  Each head contains a brand new mirror-based optical system combined with 40W RGBW LEDs, which express a higher light intensity than any other LED bar currently on the market.  The same intensity of the light flux is preserved in any position of the tilt range, and its synchronized movement produces an impressive wave of light – all the more overwhelming when multiple Volero Wave fixtures are seamlessly connected to give a breathtaking wave effect.

“Volero Wave is very attention grabbing – so different, bright and with cool colors,” says Fetto, who is VP Lighting and General Manager of the Las Vegas office of OSA International, Inc., which delivers world-class entertainment technology, event production and systems integration.  Fetto joined the company about three years ago to build the company’s new lighting division.  “We believe that designers will be eager to get their hands on Volero Wave; live events and touring will go crazy for them – they’re something nobody has seen before.  Many lights introduced at LDI were quite similar, but Volero Wave was unique and generated a lot of interest at the show.  We’ve already ordered a second round of them!”

OSA International also bought Claypaky’s entire inventory of new Tambora Flash fixtures shown at LDI.  The latest entry in the Tambora family, Tambora Flash is the only hybrid fixture on the market that can act simultaneously as a strobe, wash and blinder designed with a modular approach to use in a linear array.  The strobe section is based on two strips of very powerful, white LEDs and a large beam angle aperture capable of making a big impact in a show.  The blinder and wash functions are obtained with four large central RGBWW LED reflectors, 100W each and individually controllable.  Both strobe and blinder effects are so visually striking that they stand out in live events and concerts taking place in bright sunlight.  The fixture also boasts an IP66 rating.

“The Tambora Flash is a different concept with its combination of strobe, wash and blinder functions,” notes Fetto.  “It’s extremely bright and has great colors and will be used on lots of live events.”

Additionally at LDI, OSA International expanded its inventory of Claypaky Mini-B LED moving lights to more than 200 with a purchase of additional fixtures.  “They’re our workhorse wash light, and we needed more,” Fetto explains.  “Mini-Bs are bright, have a great zoom and are lightweight to accommodate events in ballrooms.”

The new acquisitions join a large complement of Claypaky Xtylos already available from OSA International and further put the company on the map for lighting rentals.  “We have the latest and greatest products – almost all of them LED fixtures,” Fetto says.  “We pride ourselves in having the newest and best lighting fixtures that designers want to use.”

“The floor at LDI was on fire this year for Claypaky!  From the start, Mark and OSA have been committed to providing their customer the right tools for their job.  Choosing this line of Claypaky products, especially the Volero Wave, will give them many exciting options,” concludes  Julie Smith, Managing Director Group 1440 /Claypaky U.S..