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South Korean Entertainment Lighting Company, FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, Puts Hybrid Features of Claypaky Sharpy Plus to Work for Broadcast and Concerts
Festival of Lights
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South Korea’s FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, an entertainment lighting company founded in 2013, has added 70 Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures to its inventory.

The firm designs and operates lights for numerous concerts, festivals and television programs.  As the K-pop phenomenon has gone global FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has also done overseas tours for Korean musical artists.  Its comprehensive services range from rentals to design, installation, operation and maintenance.  The company has particular expertise in show operations, and its young operators are known for their creative lighting designs.

Claypaky’s Sharpy Plus is the first true 100 percent hybrid unit able to be a perfect beam light and a perfect spotlight.  It is suitable for every occasion, with an extraordinary luminous efficiency, which ensures substantial savings through lower power consumption.

The Sharpy Plus has two independent operating modes. In beam mode, it offers enhanced aerial effects and an extraordinary power output (over 300,000 lux at 10mt distance).  In spot mode, the light is diffused in a more even way, which means visual effects can be projected with excellent uniformity.  The fixture’s 3° to 36° (1:9) zoom covers the entire range linearly, both in spot mode and beam mode.  This feature makes the Sharpy Plus unique on the market.

“Sharpy Plus is true to its name as a 100 percent hybrid fixture with beam and spot functions,” says Executive Director Yundo Kim with FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.  “We love to use the fixtures in spot mode and wide zoom, as well.  Where other common beam spots have too much concentrated light at the center, Sharpy Plus has a soft and clear spot.”

Recently, FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS utilized Sharpy Plus fixtures on the broadcast programs JTBC ‘Phantom Singer 3’.   “We preserved the atmosphere of the set by evenly spreading soft light in the Sharpy Plus spot mode,” Yundo explains.  “By also using the wide zoom and prism, we created beautiful scenes that filled the stage with light.”

TONGSUH Technology Co., Ltd is the Claypaky distributor in South Korea.