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The Axcor 300 range brings Claypaky high quality to the mid-market

Launched at the LDI exhibition in Las Vegas in November 2017, the brand new Axcor 300 LED fixtures from Claypaky bring the Italian manufacturer’s renowned, no-compromise engineering and performance quality to a wider spectrum of shows and budgets than ever before.

Together, the three cost-effective, yet powerful and compact moving head LED fixtures in the range – the Axcor Spot 300, the Axcor Beam 300 and the Axcor Wash 300 – offer a complete, fully-featured toolkit to lighting designers working in the broad mid-market of stage and studio productions. At the same time, they present an attractive commercial opportunity for rental operators worldwide, as a finely engineered, versatile equipment choice which meets the requirements of the widest range of productions and applications.

With quality and consistency at the forefront of their design, the Axcor 300 fixtures utilise a white LED light engine, with the equivalent rated power of a 300 watt discharge lamp fixture. As a result, each fixture complements the others in terms of light quality and advanced color characteristics, while at the same time being meticulously engineered for its specific role.

In true Claypaky style, there is no compromise on the professional features offered by the fixtures, while Claypaky’s color technology accurately reproduces a broad spectrum of hues, giving designers all the advantages of choice and control, with the consistency and reliability required of professional lighting tools.

The Axcor 300 range’s suitability to such a wide variety of applications is further aided by the fixtures’ compact and lightweight designs, which make them an ideal choice for use in theatres, television studios or smaller venues where space is limited, or where weight restrictions may exist. In addition, their low heat emission means they can be used in tighter spaces, and in closer proximity to set pieces and other fixtures.

Pio Nahum
, CEO of Claypaky, says, “We are delighted to offer these excellent tools to such a wide range of designers and applications, and to bring the quality, features and performance for which Claypaky is respected worldwide, to a far greater number of users. The Axcor 300 family delivers so much more than you might expect considering its size and price. Looks really can be deceiving!”