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Xtylos Family: a growing family of award-winning laser-driven moving heads
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With Xtylos, our first laser-based fixture, we have created a completely new category of moving lights. Since 2019, we have been constantly developing this new series of products, extending the range with the weatherproof Xtylos Aqua and the ultra-compact Mini Xtylosand more is coming!

Read the Claypaky Ambassadors’ experiences below!

The Xtylos is the result of years of joint studies and design carried out by Claypaky and Osram regarding both performance and safety in laser engine-based light sources. In compliance with the regulations governing the use of products that incorporate a laser system, today Claypaky is the only manufacturer having laser-driven moving heads approved for the worldwide tours. Specifically for the United States, we have implemented a XTYLOS program to support our customers in getting the authorization by the FDA through the issuance of their own variance, in adopting the variance and in maintaining variance over the years”.
Alberto Alfier, Claypaky Head of Technology/Innovation

The output of the Xtylos and Mini Xtylos is simply unmatched, not to mention the significantly low environmental impact of the super tiny amount of power used, lightweight and smaller form factors. This is the future of light sources in entertainment. I am blown away by the power of the deeply saturated colours, especially the reds and blues; these Turbo Colored beams from a 90W fixture obliterate even the most powerful 1500w competitor! The first time we saw the Carrie Underwood rig in real life with the Xtylos and MiniXtylos fixtures, we literally giggled as they were so impressive!
Nick Whitehouse, Lighting Designer

Our mission to innovate spurs us to bring completely new effects and working tools to the market in order to inspire the creativity of lighting designers and to make new features available to them. Sometimes the best way to achieve our goals is to rethink existing technologies completely and redesign them from top to bottom. That is why, in 2019, we set out to use laser technology as a light source and incorporate it for the first time in a conventional moving head. Since then, we have been constantly developing this new series of products. We have extended the range with the weatherproof Xtylos Aqua and ultra-compact Mini Xtylos… and more is coming!
Marcus Graser, Claypaky CEO

The Mini Xtylos is the new Sharpy! It features an incredible punch and amazing effects for the size of the fixture. Even on a brightly lit stage the Mini Xtylos adds another layer of visuals with its incredible definition and brightness. It’s about as heavy as a dachshund, but a whole lot brighter! It’s about 250 times as heavy as a Light Bulb, but worth its weight in every way. I can’t wait to build a whole visual design on this fixture.
Mikki Kunttu, Lighting and Set Designer

The punch the Xtylos Aqua packs is just amazing. The RGB source can produce colors at great distance and with a power no other fixture can. Moreover, its red is just out of this world! On clear evenings during the Nobel Week Lights in Stockholm, it looked like the beam from the fixtures never ended, and just kept on going up into space. And when it was cloudy, I had 30 bat-signals paint the sky! It was very chilly on some of the days of the festival, and the Xtylos Aqua survived minus 14ºC for 48 hours without a hiccup. There was even some snow, rain and fog during the festival.
Fredrik Jönsson, Lighting Designer

Claypaky continues to innovate with an eye to sustainability. Our compact Xtylos fixtures, for example, pack a powerful color punch, but boast excellent power consumption and luminous efficacy. Each of its RGB colors requires only few watts, making it equivalent to a low consumption fixture, with all of the brightness of a much larger one. Protecting our planet starts with us.
Andreas Huber, Sustainability Manager