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A new ClayPaky LED lighting system for the Mole Antonelliana
May 29, 2019
Claypaky, in conjunction with Iren, entirelyredesigned the lighting of the Mole Antonelliana. Turin's iconic monument was designed by Alessandro Antonelli and built between... read more
Claypaky Spheriscan delivers ethereal lighting effects at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay
March 3, 2017
Edinburgh, Scotland – Claypaky Spheriscans were exclusively selected to deliver a display of spectacular lighting effects that merged architectural and entertainment lighting... read more
Clay Paky illuminates 300 metre Chilean skyscraper with festive light show
August 25, 2016
Chile, South America – Architectural lighting designer Toni Amoros employed 24 Clay Paky Mythos fixtures to create a spectacular festive light show at South America’s tallest... read more
Clay Paky reaches great heights with Supersharpy
November 27, 2015
UK – Lighting designer James Bawn has employed the Clay Paky Supersharpy to play an instrumental role in a range of recent architectural projects, including projecting light over... read more
Morris Integration Selects Clay Paky Fixtures for Technical Renovation at Community Bible Church
November 19, 2015
USA – When San Antonio’s Community Bible Church undertook a multi-million dollar technical renovation of its main 3,500-seat auditorium, it called on the integration division... read more
Clay Paky gives Jakarta’s nightclub scene the edge
November 9, 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia – A cutting-edge package of Clay Paky fixtures has been installed into a new super club in Jakarta that promises partygoers an unrivalled audio-visual... read more
Vintage Clay Paky at the Casinò Municipale di San Pellegrino Terme
November 5, 2015
San Pellegrino Terme (BG) - The Casinò Municipale di San Pellegrino Terme has a charming, exclusive Art Nouveau atmosphere. With its majestic beauty and the ornamental richness... read more
The versatility of Clay Paky Glow UPs in architectural illumination
August 5, 2015
ITALY - During the first stage of this memorable edition of the Giro d'Italia, the Royal Hotel Sanremo asked Pico Service to illuminate part of the hotel building’s façades. The... read more
A Warm Glow from Blitz Communications
October 29, 2014
UK - Blitz Communications is a company that prides itself in being a substantial investor in the newest, most innovative equipment available.  With UK-wide presence sourced from... read more
Clay Paky GlowUps enhances italian historic houses
August 21, 2014
ITALY – The historic Villa Cornér della Regina, which dates back to the 16th century, is surrounded by ancient grounds and a swimming pool. It has been completely restored to... read more
Clay Paky Igloos Domes and Sharpys Shine a Light on Holiday Trees in Chicago
March 8, 2014
USA – Christmas trees were not the only magical trees during the holiday season.  Visitors to “Illumination: The Lights at The Morton Arboretum” in suburban Chicago... read more
1024 Architecture use Clay Paky Sharpys for Innovative Light Installation
February 19, 2014
Worldwide  - French audio-visual art house 1024 Architecture (1024) is utilizing the acute beam of the Clay Paky Sharpy as part of a pop-up 4D scaffold and light sculpture named... read more
Clay Paky GlowUps defy the bitter cold of Norway
February 10, 2014
NORWAY - The Clay Paky GlowUps have been used as part of an architectural light project  in Norway.GlowUp is a portable, battery-powered luminaire that removes the logistical... read more
A magical Christmas in Piazza della Scala with Clay Paky lights
January 24, 2014
MILAN, ITALY - Piazza della Scala, a meeting place for Milan's high society and home to its iconic opera house, was the scene of “Polvere di Stelle” (stardust), a beautiful son... read more
Clay Paky Brighten Moscow Boat Launch
July 25, 2013
Russia – Clay Paky’s lightweight yet powerful A.leda Wash K20 luminaires and pure beam Sharpys have teamed up to create a ‘Las Vegas-style’ light show to launch at new... read more
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