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Claypaky is back at LDI 2021 with a large range of new unique versatile products

After a year off owing to the pandemic, which forced the organizers to cancel the 2020 show, Claypaky will be at LDI 2021 once again with renewed enthusiasm and a wide range of new products.

Claypaky’s booth #1613 will showcase the new MINI XTYLOS HPE, which extends the Xtylos’s unique technology to places where smaller, energy efficient, yet powerful fixtures are required for small and large venues and events. This fixture is also available in an adjusted output version (MINI XTYLOS) which is fully homologated and does not require any FDA CDRH variance for use in the United States.

The XTYLOS AQUA is the next in the series of laser-based fixtures. It is IP66 and marine-grade protection rated and comparable in features and performance to the original XTYLOS.

The AROLLA PROFILE MP and AROLLA SPOT MP are a new series of LED-based moving head fixtures, the smallest and lightest ones available in their classes. Although compact, they both deliver a powerful light output with their 470-Watt white LED engine and are full of the features you would expect with much larger, more expensive luminaires, for example eSWAP, which enables Profile-to-Spot (and Spot-to-Profile) interchangeability with automatic configuration.

The TAMBORA BATTEN is a high-power LED batten fixture that delivers an impressive 8500 lumen output, with advanced pixel mapping capabilities and unique three-layer selection. They can be arranged seamlessly in line or in a matrix for amazing lighting effects.

The PANIFY is a new way of enhancing creativity since it allows you to turn every static, non-moving fixture into dynamic effects.

The ACTORIS PARLED is a compact, silent, efficient RGBWW fixture; the first in a series of specialized models for the theatrical sector, perfect for use in any theatre or other venue.

The CloudIO is the first digital maintenance tool that enables easier, faster, and more precise remote moving head fixture diagnostics – now open to other brands!

The Claypaky squad will be there in full, with a highly skilled team of American industry experts and veterans.

Since 2019, Claypaky has a facility in Dallas, Texas, for American product distribution and support. It is crucial in cutting delivery times, and providing support, parts, and repairs, as well as offering a product demo showroom and hands-on technical service training center.

Claypaky looks forward to seeing you at LDI, Las Vegas, November 19-21 at booth #1613.