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Lighting Designer
Robin Tomas

RST (Resources Stage Technologies), an events solutions company based in Dubai, used an array of 260 Claypaky HY B-EYE K25 washes, Mini-B LED moving lights, Xtylos Aqua, Sharpy X Frame hybrid fixtures and Sharpy Plus Aqua moving heads for a tribute to late Egyptian composer Mohamed El-Mougy at Abu Bakr Salem Stage, an outdoor venue in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

El-Mougy, known as the Godfather of Modern Arab Music and who died in 1995, celebrates his centenary this year.  The star-studded night in Riyadh featured popular singers from across the Arab world paying homage to the man who composed more than 1,000 songs plus music for some 100 feature films and television series.

Robin Thomas of RST selected 260 Claypaky fixtures to be installed on stage, around the décor and on the roof of the structure illuminating the stage and the audience to everyone’s delight.

“The design may not have been out of the ordinary, as it was a classical traditional setting,” Thomas notes.  “But with a 20-meter height, a stage spanning 40 meters and more than 100 musicians, it takes something special to color that setup.”

He chose 40 HY B-EYE K25s as “the strongest wash lights available” for the task.  He deployed 60 Xtylos Aqua for their laser sources’ ability “to maintain color intensity, which comes in very handy in outdoor installations of that size.”

Sixty Sharpy X Frames were used to target the band on stage. “this is by far the best fixture I have ever worked with, considering its size and price. Thomas points out. “

Sixty more Sharpy Plus Aquas were picked for their zoom capabilities widening the spot to match the event’s classical theme, he notes.  In addition, 40 compact Mini-Bs focused on the chandeliers on stage for light-on-light effects.

“Claypaky fixtures never disappoint and never fail to impress,” Thomas reports.  “They are adaptable and can be used for any kind of event. Currently, they make up the biggest part of our lighting inventory.”

Thomas also gives kudos to the Claypaky team.  “They’ve always been supportive, and we greatly appreciate our professional and personal relationship.”  He extends his thanks, as well, to “everyone else involved in the event, as it takes a whole team to create something so beautiful.”