Pasquale Quadri was one of the first entrepreneurs to anticipate that the technological evolution in lighting would have had an enormous future in the show and entertainment world.
On 28 August 1976 he founded Clay Paky and began a long period of research which led to a new generation of unprecedented lighting effects.

Clay Paky’s history features a number of original, innovative products successfully imitated by other international manufacturers.
Such is the case of ASTRODISCO, presented in 1982 using a single lamp to create dozens of luminous rays.
1983 was the year of Clay Paky’s ASTRORAGGI, which soon became a “classic” in nightclubs.

In 1987, Clay Paky launched BRILLIANT, forerunner of a new generation of “intelligent” projectors.
This was followed by the clamorous success of GOLDEN SCAN, the intelligent projector acclaimed by the specialized press as "the world’s most popular and best-selling projector". Golden Scan’s success was further confirmed by GOLDEN SCAN HPE, the succeeding model.

In 1990, Clay Paky launched SUPER SCAN, for the most professional entertainment settings, and MINI SCAN, the compact scanner.

These were followed in 1992 by the pioneering PIN SCAN, an agile and compact moving body projector.

made its debut in 1994. It was the first projector with a CMY system, equipped with variable focal length for focusing light beams.

1997 marked the appearance of STAGE SCAN with its endless graphic effects and the Multi Step Zoom. In the same year, Clay Paky launched MINI SCAN HPE, which astounded the public with its staggering luminosity and power. 1997 also marked the new DISPLAY LINE, an innovative series of projectors for visual communication, renowned for being versatile, compact, user-friendly and ideal for projecting informative and promotional messages.

, a complete range of 6 moving body projectors using from 300W to 1200W, was introduced in 1999. Its top models, effects projector STAGE ZOOM 1200 and washlight STAGE COLOR 1200, were characterized by unprecedented power and optical precision and soon became benchmark products for major international productions in theatres, TV sets, music tours and many other professional fields.

In the following years, Clay Paky has mainly operated in two areas: further expansion of the professional sector and development of the architectural field. This first market sector witnessed the launch of the revolutionary STAGE PROFILE PLUS SV. It is the first, most complete and sophisticated moving body beam shaper available on the market with an exclusive patented profile system. This product belongs to the SILENT VERSION family, a line of the world's most silent professional moving projectors: STAGE PROFILE 1200 SV, STAGE ZOOM 1200 SV e STAGE COLOR 1200 SV.

In 2002, Clay Paky moved its headquarters to Seriate (Bergamo) in a strategically located industrial complex of 10,000 m² within a total surface area of approximately 33,000 m². And it is here at its new headquarters, that its dedication to quality is superbly manifested, in keeping with the criteria of UNI EN ISO 9001, which Clay Paky received that year.


Marked a new generation of color changers: the CP COLOR line covers a range from 150W to 575W, including projectors for theatrical and television use (models for 150, 250 and 400 Watts), a moving body projector (CP COLOR MH) and two IP65 projectors specially designed for outdoor settings: CP COLOR 150-E and CP COLOR 575.

Clay Paky launched ALPHA, a series of 575 Watt moving body projectors with unprecedented performance levels. This line included effects projectors ALPHA SPOT HPE, ALPHA SPOT and washlight ALPHA WASH, which all featured optics, zoom, color system and unique special effects.



ALPHA SPOT HPE 1200 and ALPHA WASH 1200 emerge as industry standards



Clay Paky established a new trend for super-concentrated narrow beams with the launch of the ALPHA BEAM 300, a product followed quickly by the ALPHA BEAM 700 and 1500. The new Beam concept revitalized the moving head market, creating an entirely new category of effects.



Debut of SHARPY, a radical new concept that stunned the industry and won a string of awards. Using just 189W of power, the tiny Sharpy produces an intense, laser-like beam, bright enough to rival far larger, higher wattage fixtures.



Clay Paky comes on the LED market with GLOW-UP, a portable battery powered IP65 uplight, and with A.LEDA, a line of versatile moving head LED-washes



B-EYE is one of the most highly innovative LED luminaire ever designed: it incorporates three different operating modes - wash, beam and effect light - without any compromise in quality or light emission.



MYTHOS, SUPERSHARPY and STORMY are "The Projectors", featuring the highest brightness and performances in relation to their compactness and nominal power.


0ctober 2014

Clay Paky become part of the Osram Group, one of the most important manufactures of light sources in the world


August 2016

Claypaky acquires ADB Lighting Technologies, a company specialized in Theatre and TV lighting, creating ADB Stagelight SASU



Based on a 1400W new Osram discharge lamp, SCENIUS debut on the market with its Matchless Light quality and high CRI values.

SHARBAR is the new advanced moving LED bar with features that transform it into a brand new multi-beam effect light.



Claypaky launches SCENIUS UNICO, the Powerful Multifunctional Luminaire featuring spot, profile, beam and wash effects in once.

K-EYE HCR is a LEDwash light which provides total control over the quality of all forms of white or colored light. The new HCR technology is an exclusive electronic platform developed by Claypaky in conjunction with Osram



With the AXCOR PROFILE 900, Claypaky has launched a new course in its design research: it is the first Claypaky spotlight to use a LED light source, instead of a traditional discharge lamp.

The new AXCOR 300 family of moving LED fixtures brings Claypaky’s no-compromise quality and performance to the broad mid-market.