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Our mission is to utilize and manipulate every characteristic of light to produce truly innovative luminaires that may be used to create fascinating and exciting light settings.


We aim to consolidate our position in the international show lighting business, and establish ourselves as a company that is appreciated for the distinctive features of its products. We firmly believe in the values of quality, commercial seriousness and customer service. These are values we intend to pursue with constancy and diligence. In this process, we acknowledge the strategic importance of people and their skills, as well as open, fair and constructive communication.

Claypaky. In pursuit of perfect light since 1976 - Quality & EHS policy
Claypaky, part of the OSRAM group, is a world level reference brand in the sector of professional lighting systems.
The wide range of Claypaky products includes moving body and moving mirror projectors, color-changers, followspots, projectors for architectural lighting and various lighting effects.
They are known throughout the world as they have changed the way of putting on spectacular shows and continue to be first as regards the extraordinary performances, the imagination and variety of the effects, the precise focus, purity of the light beam and movement precision. Over the course of its history the Company has been awarded a total of 50 prestige international prizes, recognitions of the innovation and quality of its products and manufacturing processes.
The professional sectors using Claypaky light effects are: Theatre, Television, Live Events, Discotheques and Clubs, Trade Fair Exhibitions, Theme Parks, Shops, Commercial Centres, Conference, Industrial Presentations, Car Showrooms and many other sectors in the show business and architectural lighting fields.
The company takes part in 20 important international trade fairs in the sector which include all the major countries of Europe, Asia, America and Australia and are part of the principal Associations in its own manufacturing division.
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Headquarters in the industrial heart of Europe
Claypaky's headquarters are located in central-northern Italy, in one of the nerve centres of the European industrial system, in the heart of a highly industrialized area, with access to all road and air links. All the company's business activities are concentrated in a recently built complex, with sophisticated industrial equipment. Here the products are designed, carefully manufactured, 100% tested and dispatched throughout the world. And here a team of technicians and salespeople work with passion to consolidate the present success and build an even more brilliant future.
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The pride of an Italian-made product
During its history, packed with inventions and successful products, Claypaky has always had to face the onslaught of copy makers throughout the world. However, it has always reacted by bringing out endless innovations and, especially, by pursuing excellent quality through the exclusive use of Italian manufacturing to safeguard company traditions. Quality is not just a word in Claypaky, but has a physically tangible meaning. It is guaranteed by meticulous control over components, processes and every stage of production until the final product becomes reality.

Respect for the environment (eco-friendliness)
Claypaky firmly believes in the future and respect for the environment. The company manufactures its products with eco-friendly materials, such as fibre glass, which is also one of the safest and most durable materials that may be used in the presence of heat sources. Claypaky also strives to minimize energy and material waste at all stages of its production process. Furthermore it is Claypaky's policy to design and develop products that maximize luminous efficacy to reduce consumption to a minimum.

Careful choice of materials, strict final quality control
Incoming materials are carefully monitored, selected and rejected if the strict technical specifications laid down by Claypaky are not satisfied. Quality control on raw materials is often undervalued by other companies, but it is a true “added value” at Claypaky. All products destined for the market are carefully inspected at Claypaky. These tests are fundamental for the quality standard Claypaky guarantees its customers, since performing strict tests on each single product is the only way to prove the final product works perfectly.

Quality certification
"Claypaky has had its management system certified as regards quality, the environment, safety and energy. All the certificates have been issued by a prestigious international body. Their scope of application concerns the design, manufacture and sale of lights and lighting effects for the entertainment industry. Claypaky's primary goal is uncompromising customer satisfaction, backed by constant commitment to a continuous improvement in all processes."
ISO 9001ISO 14001 | ISO 45001 | ISO 50001

Excellent products distributed on five continents through a global network
During its 38 years of international business, Claypaky has put together a competent network of rental companies, dealers and distributors to provide its products for events, shows and installations. It is both “globally” and “locally” present, since it can count on the widespread support of Technical Assistance Centres and, in the most important countries, Resident Sales Managers ready to support every client need.
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A direct relationship with rentals
Claypaky has built a direct relationship with the world’s most important rentals, ensuring that each new product is immediately introduced on the market, meaning immediate availability to Lighting Designers. Claypaky offers Sales Support Engineering services to rental personnel, with trained technicians who have total command over projector features and thereby able to take advantage of their potentials.
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“Service” as an essential added value
Claypaky combines product quality with service quality. Customers may request in-depth technical analysis and advice specific to their projects completely free of charge, as well as timely after sales technical assistance. The Claypaky support team organizes demonstrations and workshops both at the Claypaky headquarters and at customers' offices, and takes part in shows and trade fairs.
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Constant feedback from lighting designers
Whether directly or in collaboration with its distribution network, Claypaky regularly visits Lighting Designers, Photography Directors, Architects and all lighting installation specifiers in general. The company’s technical-sales personnel keeps these important professional figures up to date on all the latest innovations that Claypaky offers them for increasingly effective shows and to express their creativity brilliantly.
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The showroom: a creative workshop
Lighting Designers, Photography Directors, architects, technicians and operators from the world over have free access to the Claypaky showroom. It was designed to be not only a large and complete product exhibition but, first and foremost, a true "Studio" - an artistic workshop where specialists in the field can meet, experiment and push their creativity to the limit.
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