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1990s revival: "Die MEGA 90er Live!" on tour with Clay Paky
Lighting Designer
Volkmar Kusch
Atlantis Audio
Photo Credits
Diginights GmbH
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Germany – Snap, Culture Beat, Haddaway, Captain Hollywood Project and Right Said Fred are well-known names to people who went to parties in the 1990s. These and many other artists are on tour in Germany with an event called “Die MEGA 90er Live”. Atlantis Audio took charge of the technical lighting equipment on behalf of Dresden-based LTI, and once again requested products from Lightpower’s stock.

Among the various lights used on the tour were sixteen Clay Paky Sharpys and fifteen Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20s, in addition to two grandMA2 full-size consoles, two MA 4Port Nodes, and two MA plus MK2 Video Processing Units (VPUs).

Volkmar Kusch, the owner of Atlantis Audio, was thrilled yet again with the performance of the products mentioned, and spoke first of all of the MA equipment: “The MA system is simply extraordinary. We built the whole setup with two full-size grandMA2 consoles. Martin Pech dealt with the show lighting, while I played videos on the screens with MA VPUs and – at the same time – handled the front lighting. Since the MA VPUs are part of the MA system, the interchange between them and the control desk is simply perfect. Whether it is configuration, programming or operation, everything can be managed to its best from the control desk. The extremely low latency time when incorporating live video also satisfied me.”

The lighting was designed by Volkmar Kusch. The tour will continue until the end of 2016.