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The 4th Knights of Illumination Awards is now underway

After the highly successful and widely attended third edition closed with the award-giving ceremony in London on 12th September 2010, the organizers are glad to announce that the fourth edition of the KNIGHT OF ILLUMINATION AWARDS is now underway.

It is open to UK-based LDs (for the theatre section it is open to theatre productions performed in the UK though not necessarily designed by UK based LDs) with a show performing in the UK between November 2010 and May 2011 (Exclusively for TELEVISION categories with a show performing in the UK between June 2010 and May 2011).

NOMINATIONS: the Awards for “The Knight of Illumination” will be nominated and judged by a panel of professional reviewers working in the specific categories, selected and coordinated by the STLD and the ALD.

Light Entertainment | Drama | Small Studio | Events

Stage events | Arena events | Eco Innovation

Dance | Opera | Play | Musicals

Registrations to the contest will be closed on the 31st of May 2011.

Date of awards: Sunday 11th September, 2011, this being the first day of PLASA 2011.


Further information regarding the event,  new easy entry rules, who can submit a show, how to submit a show and assessment criteria are available on the site