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Claypaky Xtylos at the Finnish Opera

Claypaky Xtylos Wrap Up Wagner’s Ring Cycle with “Götterdämmerung” for the Finnish National Opera

Mikki Kunttu brought Richard Wagner’s epic “Der Ring des Nibelungen,” also known as the Ring tetralogy, to a breathtaking conclusion at the Finnish National Opera with the performance of the monumental, nearly six-hour-long “Götterdämmerung” featuring Claypaky Xtylos, the world’s first laser-based beam lighting fixture. The first installment of the Ring cycle, “Das Rheingold,” was performed…

Claypaky illuminates “Raffa in the Sky” at the Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo. Interview with lighting designer Alessandro Andreoli

‘Raffa in the Sky’ is a tribute opera to the iconic figure of Raffaella Carrà, a prominent Italian TV personality also renowned internationally. It is the story of an artistic career that not only evolved with the changes in Italian society over the last half a century but occasionally inspired them. Through Carrà’s extraordinary experience,…

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