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A Blitz on GlowUps
Blitz Communications
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UK – Sometimes the simple solutions can be the better option. As the summer season of massive shows and festivals progresses with audiences treated to the spectacle of hugely complex lighting rigs packed full of the latest in moving light technology, it is easy to forget the less sexy, less eye-catching fixtures that simply do a job and do it brilliantly.

Step up the Clay Paky GlowUp. A deceiving simple design of 4 x 10w LEDs (in RGBW, Cool White or Dynamic White dependent on the model choice) that functions equally well, whatever the chosen orientation. And the really clever bit? A built-in lightweight lithium battery that can absorb 2000 charge cycles without loss of capacity. Without the need for mains power, they are the ultimate in fast, efficient, temporary lighting, while their DMX control features either through wireless or cable means there is no loss in the functionality; exactly what one would expect from a fixture boasting the Clay Paky name.

Proof of the GlowUps popularity and success is not hard to find.  Ambersphere Solutions have recently supplied a large number of units to Blitz Communications, thereby doubling their previous stock level.  Andy Mahaffey, Head of Lighting at Blitz, explains the rationale, “From almost the first moment we stocked the GlowUps it became apparent that we needed to purchase more as our existing stock was always out and our demand was so high; at one point I don’t think there were enough in the country to facilitate the demand.  On top of our own stock, we also exhausted the rental companies that could sub-hire to us.”

“It became essential if we were to properly service our clients’ needs that we significantly increased our stock level.  The great thing about the GlowUps is their versatility in the widest range of environments you could imagine. They go out on all kinds of jobs: from Banking conferences and Museum events to awards shows and even festivals.  Their control features – using one of the preset sequences or a user-defined programme – make them equally attractive to either the complete novice or the seasoned operator.  Their reliability factor and massive battery life means they are a unit you can simply put in place and walk away from; you don’t even need to plug it in.”

“We expect the new purchases will balance demand and supply,” concludes Mahaffey.   “Our new arrivals were out of the building within 24 hours of delivery!”