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A place to unwind and have fun, as if you were at home: this is the idea behind Salò’s new Absolut, the most renowned and exclusive nightclub on Lake Garda.

Much of the merit goes to art director Ezio Arnaboldi, who designed a simple but elegant interior using innovative elements and original spatial design. Luxurious loungers line the summer garden, allowing guests to relax even outside the disco. An elegant but functional gazebo on the other side of the garden welcomes elite gatherings behind a curtain.
The interior is furnished with comfortable sofas and couches, alternated with loungers and dark wood tables, which set off the numerous white cushions, large lampshades and huge ashtrays. This seemingly plain, impeccable style evokes a homely atmosphere designed to make the guest feel at ease.

This orderly backdrop goes with Mini Scan HPE and Tiger CC Clay Paky lighting on the dance floor: the colours and graphic patterns embellish the pure setting with varied and lively effects. Once again, colour takes the centre stage outside: the outdoor Clay Paky CP Color 150-E colour changers create a cosy atmosphere in the relaxing area with slow chromatic variations, which set the pace for the evening. Other CP Colors illuminate the gazebo and behind the bar, accentuating the club’s setting at the foot of the hill.

Absolut has a cosy and secluded quality, yet is highly fashionable: as well as setting design trends, it organizes evenings to perfection with the careful work of the Gallina brothers, who have continued their long family tradition in entertainment. Many well-known national and international light music and jazz musicians have graced Absolut’s stage. Regulars are assured that every evening at Absolut is special, and all the more so in such an exclusive, cosy setting. This is why the new event “La Casa della musica” (“The Music House”) is now running from the 2002 autumn/winter season; here you can dance, listen to good music, chat, unwind and have fun in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere created by those whose job is to make you feel at home!

Address: via Tavine 42, 25080 Salò (BS) – on Lake Garda
Tel. and fax: 0365 522 446
Web site:
Owners: Massimo and Giampiero Gallina
Art Director: Ezio Arnaboldi
Clay Paky lighting system: Mini Scan HPE, Tiger CC, CP Color for indoors and outdoors
Sound system: Outline
Sound installer: Momix di Flero (BS)
Furnishing and Interior Design: D’Auria Design, via Donini 1, 24010 – Bergamo Tel. and fax 035 262333
Payment System: Golden Service Drink Card

Programma delle serate per la stagione invernale 2002: Venerdì musica live anni ’70/’80 ballabile con ospiti di rilievo;Sabato musica latino-americana con Dj’s e ospiti del panorama internazionale.

Evening program for 2002 winter season: Friday – ’70/’80’s live dance music with VIPs; Saturday – Latin American music with international DJ’s and guests