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Alpha Beam 300s are guests at the Flic Flac Circus
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It becomes clear why the Flic Flac Circus defies traditional circus clichés as you watch the Beats of Rammstein acrobats circling in the air, accompanied by perfect lighting, while 25,000 litres of water pour into the ring. Forty artists from twelve countries perform in the “Underground” tour, where the human body is always at the centre of the show, for instance when a simple handstand is transformed into a perfect form of body art and during a pursuit with nine motorcycles in a six metre steel sphere. Underground is staged by the French director Bruno Darmagnac, and thrives on the talent of the performing artists and high tech, including Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300s.

“These lights are simply extraordinary. They are absolutely on the cutting edge both for brightness and speed,” explained the technical manager Mohammed Bentaleb. “I especially like the extremely narrow beam, which is very similar to an ACL. What’s more light operation is child’s play.” Alpha Beam 300s are equipped with a frost filter, a CMY colour mixing system and a colour wheel with CTO and CTB filters, and can be put to several different uses. The Alpha Beams won a “PLASA Award for Innovation” at PLASA show 2008. 

Flic Flac has been using a grandMA ultra-light for years to move the lights during the show. “We have never had any problems with the control desk,” Bentaleb explains. “I program the show, then our operator Mohammed El Mouden runs it. Usually shows like Underground stay on the bill for two years, but of course we are always adding new cues. Occasionally we even have to substitute one number with another, for instance when an artist falls ill and cannot perform. When this happens, the enormous flexibility of the grandMA obviously lends a big hand”.