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Aurora purchases the Clay Paky Mythos from Ambersphere
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UK – In common with all quality suppliers of equipment to the broadcast entertainment and television industry, Aurora Lighting Hire are constantly reviewing and updating their available hire products. Most recently, the company turned to Ambersphere Solutions to replenish their followspot stock and to invest in the latest moving light fixtures to conquer the market.

“To purchase a sizeable number of Clay Paky Mythos from Ambersphere was an easy decision for us to make” says Aurora Managing Director Nick Edwards, “The beam power delivered from such a compact unit is simply outstanding. The overall flexibility of the product makes it a great all rounder, although of particular note is Mythos’ pin sharp spot abilities.”

The flexibility of the Mythos is proving to be one of its strongest attractions, as Lee House from Ambersphere’s technical sales team, confirms, “Nick knows what he wants from an investment in new stock and he has previously purchased Clay Paky fixtures so he is clearly confident in reinvesting in this brand.  His brief was to choose products that would provide solutions in a wide range of situations, suiting all their day to day needs and we were very happy to help Aurora achieve that.”

Such is the demand for equipment from the Ambersphere family of brands that, no sooner had the order been received and unpacked at Aurora, and the Mythos were straight out on the latest series of Big Brother for Channel 5. The show is designed by renowned LD Gurdip Mahal and operated by Ross Williams, both of whom know a thing or two about what they want from a light source.