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Autostadt becomes an "alpine landscape" with Clay Paky
Lighting Designer
Andreas Mertens
Leyendecker GmbH
Photo Credits
Fabian Zimmermann
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Another major event took place at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg this year with the winter snowscape, “Das Alpenland”. Some parts of the Autostadt were transformed into a true alpine landscape, which included a show called “Pinocchio” and a 150-metre toboggan run.

As in previous years, the technical setup was entrusted to Leyendecker GmbH. The project manager Fabian Zimmermann relied on Lightpower’s Clay Paky product range for the lighting.

A full-size grandMA was used to control the system with a grandMA light as back-up. The show data was distributed through a “spanning tree network” consisting of 4 MA Network Signal Processors (NSPs), which made sure that everything ran smoothly even in the event of network outage in one part.

Zimmermann said: “We chose lighting equipment that would meet several requirements. On the one hand, the material had to withstand the harsh winter weather, including rain, snow, ice and storms, and on the other, brightness and reliability were absolutely essential. Our experience in recent years suggested that this material could meet the requirements very well.”

The lighting designer Andreas Mertens added: “The basic idea was to completely colour the scenes and all their components, including the ice. With the help of Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500s, the ice surface was illuminated using different structures, some moving and others static. During the four-week show, it was important to give an ever changing look to the scenes and ice surface, without having to change the equipment.”

Udo Thimm, Markus Böhmer and Arkin Atakan worked as programmers and operators. The lighting designers were Nico Eishold, Jörg Olms, Sebastian Termer, Bastian Hoge, André Groth, Ingo Mutscher, Malte Vohwinkel, Marlon Geppert, Björn Podscharly and Boris Brüger. Life Audio of Braunschweig was responsible for the audio, lunatX for the pyrotechnics and Creative Technology GmbH & Co. KG for the video technology.