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Saint Vincent owes its fortune in tourism to a number of favourable conditions: the thermal baths are highly popular over the summer months, while the ski slopes nearby make it a renowned winter destination. The famous Casino de la Vallée, one of only 4 in the whole of Italy, was inaugurated in 1947 and is open all year round.

It consists of two gambling halls, one with a modern look on the ground floor offering “American Gambling”, and the other more traditional “French Gambling” room on the first floor.

A cosy, stylish corner of the Casinò de la Vallée has been set aside for those gourmet connoisseurs and has a separate entrance. It’s the BRASSERIE DU CASINO Restaurant, an ideal setting serving gastronomic delights: every evening from 8.30 to 1.30, you can taste the traditional flavours and aromas of Italian and European cuisine, constantly perfected to the finest detail. Guests are entertained with a rich program of live music and other theme shows, for a unique ensemble of culture, fun and entertainment.

In December 2001, the Casino’s General Manager, Roberto Trentaz and art director Marco Fiore decided to renew the setting with a professional lighting system: “we chose Clay Paky at once, because it is renowned in offering the most reliable products on the market and high quality lighting. We have seen Clay Paky projectors at work during music tours and in interior designs, and have always been astonished by their pure colours and innovative effects…”

Carlo Machet, the technical stage director, got in touch with Si.Pro, Clay Paky’s distributor for the Valle d’Aosta and planned the lighting design and installation together with the owner, Vincenzo Buglione. Stage Light 300 and Stage Color 300, the smart and compact moving body projectors, were installed in the Brasserie du Casino, offering remarkable luminosity with respect to its power (300 watts).
The quality of the light wasn’t the only major concern for the Casino’s managers: the lighting arrangement had to preserve the beauty of the interior. This is why a special structure was created for the projectors, installed inside the suspended ceiling. Stage Light 300 and Stage Color 300 were also equipped with special quick release plates, which are ideal for speeding up installation and maintenance.

All the evening shows held there naturally benefited from this impressive addition, which made them even richer and more evocative. We’re sure that the guests really appreciated it and that the restaurant, placed in the Casino’s setting, will glow with light!

Via Italo Mus – 11027 Saint-Vincent AO
Tel. 0166/5221
Fax 0166/511616
Customer Service 0166/522506
Information 0166/522506
General Manager: Roberto Trentaz
Art Director: Marco Fiore
Technical stage lighting director: Carlo Machet
Installation technician: Teresio Pastorino
Lighting design: SI.PRO snc di Buglione Ing.V & C. Via Parigi, 36/a 11100 AOSTA

Ufficio di Roma
Via Sistina, 9
00187 ROMA
Tel. 06/42020119 (2 lines)
Fax 06/42020107

The casino’s evening restaurant, open from 8 pm to 2 am, serves gastronomic, regional and international specialities crafted by the chef Maurizio Arioli.
Live music every evening and variety shows, cabarets, dance and music at the weekend.
tel. 0166 522385/522381
fax 0166 522382