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Lighting Designer
Jerry Appelt
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The German broadcasters Pro Sieben and ARD have joined forces to put on “Unser Star für Oslo” to choose Germany’s representative at the next Eurovision Song Contest. Cape Cross GmbH, the sole technical rigger, and the lighting designer Jerry Appelt are counting on an integrated grandMA system and the new Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500s for the occasion.

Appelt explains his choice: “The powerful Alpha Beam 1500 has a parallel light beam similar to that of a traditional ACL light, which gives a highly distinctive character to the show. I chose and installed these lights precisely for this reason. I am highly satisfied with the variety of effects and colours available, the speed of their movements and their reliability. We use grandMAs principally for their network stability and convenience value, since we work with several operators in an infrastructure of systems where each operator has free access to all the different lights.”

Brainpool TV GmbH is the production company in charge, and Cape Cross GmbH, the sole rigger. The set was designed by Florian Wieder. Sascha Matthes is in charge of the show lights, Markus Ruhnke of the white lights, and Michael Giegerich of the media server. Matthias Hagel is chief electrician and spot-caller.